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Saleh's "Saving Receipts" leaves him on a short leash

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Robert Saleh made headlines yesterday from his “We’re saving the receipts” comment during his press conferences, meaning that anyone from the media and the fans who mocks him as well as the team. He will shove it down our throats if and when this team turns it around. News Flash coach you just made a check that your team has to pay for, and if he doesn’t deliver then he would be just another failed coach. Personally I think that his intentions were good as he just wanted to fire his team up, but as anyone else knows that in New York. If you’re going to talk the talk, you better walk the walk as well. 

    The second year head coach has been known for his “phrases' ' since being with the Jets, such as the “All gas no brake” that the fans had bought into when he said it. But so far we have yet to see such a thing, for example not going for it on 4th and 1 in the Baltimore’s side of the field. It really seems like more of All Brake and no gas. I understand that the offense was lifeless on Sunday but maybe that could’ve lit a spark or even gain them some confidence. But now as he comes out with the “We’re saving the receipts” referring to not just the media but the fanbase who mocks this team, leaves the speculation that if it backfires the fans will be the ones who will be saving the receipts.

    To his credit, the way he sounded as he said it shows that he truly does care and he’s going to do what he can to turn it around. But saying after week one of the 2022 NFL season, there is no doubt that the media is going to make fun of it until proven otherwise. The heat is especially on with the fanbase, we have suffered enough throughout the teams existence since winning super bowl 3. More specifically, since the last ten years of pure misery, the fans deserve to see this team win more than anything. Therefore, the pressure is on even more for Robert Saleh.

    Going into this year with the additions that this team made, expectations are higher and that this team could play meaningful games in the months of November and December. There is no doubt that Saleh is feeling that type of pressure after getting a pass last year, which is common for any second year coach because now we know your tendencies and we know how you want to run the program. The fanbase has been patient enough with Joe Douglas as well as Saleh but now it’s time to translate this to wins.

    I don’t have a problem with what Robert Saleh said yesterday and for what it is worth I still believe in him. But we as a fanbase care about this team too much, we buy the gear, we tailgate, and we even put up with all of the losses these last ten years. Therefore my message to Saleh is this and I think I speak with the rest of the fanbase, you need to turn this around quickly and it starts this Sunday against the Brissett leading Browns, otherwise we as a fanbase will be the ones that will save those receipts.

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