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Rich Wilhelm: Jets 53 Man Roster Projection (Pre HOF Game)

Offense (26)


QB: Rodgers, Wilson, Boyle (3)

RB: Hall, Carter, Abanikanda, Knight (4) (Carter out if Cook signs)

WR: Wilson, Lazard, Hardman, Davis, Cobb, Brownlee (6)

TE: Conklin, Uzomah, Ruckert, Kuntz (4)

LT: Brown, Mitchell, Warren (3)

LG: Tomlinson, Schweitzer (2)

C: McGovern, Tippman (2)

RT: Becton, Turner (2)


Defense (24)


LDE: Franklin-Myers, Johnson, Huff (3)

LDT: Williams, Woods (2)

RDT: Jefferson, Thomas (2)

RDE: Lawson, McDonald, Clemons (3)

WLB: Williams, Barnes (2)

MLB: Mosley (1)

SLB: Sherwood, Nasirildeen (2)

LCB: Reed, Langford (2)

NB: Carter II, Bernard-Converse (PUP) (1)

RCB: Gardner, Hardee (2)

SS: Amos, Dean (2)

FS: Whitehead, Adams (2)


Special Teams (3)


P: Morstead

K: Zuerlein

LS: Hennessy

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