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Report Card: How did Joe Douglas do on his first draft as GM?

The 2020 NFL draft has officially come to an end and there's a lot to talk about, more specifically how excited Jets fans should be after what has been a very good draft for gang green. General Manager Joe Douglas got his first crack at the NFL draft as the head man, and it's safe to say that he gave the Jets the best draft in recent memory. Now there was some moments where we were scratching our heads but you understood it once we had the chance to process it. Nevertheless, there were a ton of holes on this roster that were mostly filled after today.

The first night kicked off with the Jets picking offensive tackle Mekhi Becton from the university of Louisville, a guy whose stock rose after the combine with the impressive 5.1 forty yard dash. What was even more impressive was his size, the 21 year old is 6'5 363 pounds and ran that fast for a lineman. This guy has a ton of upside for being a guy who has he says likes "putting people in the dirt," but there is some risk as he is a 50/50 for being the best tackle this franchise had since Ferguson or the biggest bust. But I feel confident enough that he will be a great offensive line for the Jets.

Day 2 was interesting as the Jets still needed a playmaker on the offensive side of the ball and they got in former Baylor wide receiver Denzel Mims, but it's how they got him that was more interesting. The Jets took a huge gamble by trading back with the Seahawks from number 48 to 59, we thought Mims was going to be gone by then. But JD took the chance and it paid off because they got their guy and an additional third round pick. When the third round came, they focused on defense where the Jets got Ashtyn Davis from Cal and Zuniga an edge rusher from Florida. Then they traded the last third rounder to gain another fourth round pick.

The last day of the draft was where I thought things got questionable, the most recognizable pick was cornerback Bryce Hall from the university of Virginia. He was a guy that was projected to go second round, but because of his ankle injury fell to the fifth round where the Jets traded down again and somehow got him. The most questionable was when they drafted quarterback James Morgan, now it's not the fact that they drafted one but its where they got him. The Jets picked him up in the fourth round, where they could've got someone else. But let's face reality here, they needed another backup.

Another solid pick from round 4 was running back La'Mical Perine from Florida, I only saw a few videos from him but the kid can definitely play and will learn behind Bell as well. Cameron Clark an offensive lineman who is almost the same as Becton, he didn't go to a big college but he sure did destroy the Clemson defensive line (and they say O line picks aren't exciting.)

Joe Douglas inherited a mess when he became the Jets GM, but he sure made the most of it with this draft. The biggest takeaway from this was turning 6-7 draft picks into 9, with majority of them in the first four rounds. The other was the guys he drafted, majority of those guys that were selected in the later rounds were team captains. You can also see that these guys have a chip on their shoulder and are ready to put the pads on now. For the first time in a long time, the Jets fans have something to be excited about what direction this team is going. They still have a long way to go but this roster already looks much more improved. Therefore for my report card, I'm giving the Jets a solid B+ because of what they did and how they valued these guys. I didn't give them an A because they could have gotten a few more receivers.

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