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Pissed” off Jets look to right the ship against the Broncos

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The Jets are on a short week as they take on the Denver Broncos on Thursday night. This is a battle between two teams who are trying to get their first win of the season, but are on different paths. The Broncos are a team that have been without their starting quarterback since week 1 but were competitive even without him, while the Jets have also been struggling with injuries but seem to look worse week after week. Someone is going to wake up Friday with a win, here’s how the Jets pull that off.

  Sam Darnold had his worst games in his career last week against the Colts, as he threw for three interceptions (two of them returned for a TD). Aside from his TD drive, he did not look comfortable and the result forced him to make terrible decisions. He was without a majority of the starters like Crowder and Bell, but that doesn’t exclude the fact that he needs to eliminate the turnovers. 

   Head Coach Adam Gase told reporters earlier this week that the third year quarterback looked “pissed off”, as well as the rest of the players from how the season has been going. It’s a good sign that the players are showing emotion but we are at the point where results need to start showing. 

   The Jets are going to be getting some of their starters back, which will help the offense because they will be going against the Broncos who are ranked 22nd in pass defense and 8th in stopping the run. That brings in a good opportunity for the Jets to gain some confidence in their pass offense which is ranked last in the league. 

   The most important thing that I want to see tonight from the Jets is the ability to take advantage of the other teams weaknesses, in this case the Broncos pass defense. Even with the receivers not being great, Adam Gase has to figure out a better way to get them open. 

   Regardless of what the reporters say about the Jets head coach’s job status, this is a must win for Adam Gase if he wants to retain his job for the foreseeable future. He has been a disappointment during his tenure and Jets fans want him gone, he needs to show us what the owners saw in him. No more excuses, the clock is ticking.

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