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Opportunity Knocks: Elijah Moore and Denzel Mims poised to have a big game against Bengals.

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The Jets are going to be heading into this game without Corey Davis at the helm, which means it’s time for Denzel Mims and Elijah Moore to step up. Fans have been begging to see Mims on the field more because we need to see what he can do, same with the Jets organization. The Jets need to see what they have in Mims and decide if he’s part of their future or not. What better opportunity than this game today? The limited time that Denzel Mims was on the field this season, they were for big gains including one week 1 against the Panthers where he beat zone coverage that got them in the red zone. Even though there isn’t much to go off on, Mims has the ability to make big plays which is what this team is lacking.

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Another Jet who hasn’t made much of an impact this year is rookie Elijah Moore. Moore had a very impressive training camp where he was grabbing headlines until he got hurt towards the end of preseason. Since then he too has been featured very little in the game-plan. Only this is the blame of offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur for not utilizing his strength. Last week against the Pats was the only time we saw Moore on a consistent basis, we saw him be in the backfield and do some misdirection end around. He capitalized on it and made huge plays.

Going up against this Bengals secondary, there aren’t really any big names. But they have two young safeties who have have been impactful on this defense, not to mention their defensive line isn't to be taken lightly. With the type of players both Elijah Moore and Denzel Mims are, LaFleur needs to do whatever it takes to get them the ball.

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