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Kevin's Keys to Victory for the Jets

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The New York Jets will officially begin the 2022 campaign today as the open the season at home against the Baltimore Ravens. On a day where we remember all the lives that were lost on that fateful event where the towers fell, it brings a little extra energy to the players especially when they're at home. That's what it's going to be like today at MetLife stadium, especially with Jets who are trying to be in the same category as the rest of the AFC. But for them to do that, they need to show us that they are and what better way than to do it today against a good Ravens team. For the Jets to win today, a few things need to happen.

Run Stuffer: It's no secret that Lamar Jackson's strength is his legs, which gives him the ability to keep plays alive. For the Jets they cannot afford to over pursue, they need to be discipline at the line of scrimmage and force Lamar to beat them with his arm instead.

Play-action: With the additions at running back, I see the Jets focus on the run game a lot today especially with the possibility of rain in the forecast today. It won't be easy with the type of defense the Ravens have but I do see them being successful in the run game today, which allows them to use the play action on top.

Unleash the Tight ends: For the first time in a long time, the Jets finally have a good tight end depth with CJ Uzomah and Tyler Conklin. I anticipate them being productive early on as they try to build momentum. \

Linebackers lockdown: The Ravens receivers are a bit unknown but still not worth overlooking, but the biggest threat is their tight ends with Mark Andrews leading the way. As I mentioned before with forcing Lamar Jackson to beat you with his arm, if it comes to that then they have to contain their best tight end. I expect CJ Mosley or even Jordan Whitehead on him most of the game.

The Jets have a tough schedule with opening the season against the entire AFC North but if the Jets are as advertised, then they should not be concerned with the schedule. The Honeymoon phase is over, it's time that this team starts winning football games. They have not won a September game since 2018 in Sam Darnold's debut, it has to change and it starts today.

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