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Jets Draft Reaction: Joe Douglas displays another strong draft

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Joe Douglas’s main objective in the 2021 NFL draft was to surround his quarterback with as much talent as possible, and he kept his promise. Learning from the mistakes of the previous quarterback, Joe Douglas wasn’t messing around. He did what previous GM’s failed to do, spend the first couple picks on the offense.

After selecting Zach Wilson with 2nd overall pick, the Jets would add three offensive players. Including Ole Miss wide receiver Elijah Moore who had first round grading, that the Jets got with the 34th pick of the draft. Moore is the type of player who after the catch “turns into a running back” as he states. He is a versatile player that can be dynamic, that the type of explosiveness the Jets need.

Michael Carter the running back is a player with the home run capabilities that the Jets have needed for a long time. In a scheme that heavily involved the running backs, Carter could potentially be the starter on this team.

The Jets would halt on the offense and make its turn toward the defense, where Joe Douglas would focus another need: cornerback. The team would go on to draft five consecutive defensive backs, two guys that stand out to a lot of analysts are Michael Carter II safety and Hamsah Nasirildeen safety. Best role I can see them on right is special teams, that way it gives them a chance to get a defensive role.

My dark horse pick though was Pittsburgh cornerback Jason Pinnock, he played on the outside during his tenure there and has a ball hawk. His quick footing in reverse and the way he flips his hips in transition allows him to make plays on the pass as well as mixing up with receivers (Tony Pauline He needs to do a better job with recovery after getting beat.

Fans, writers, analysts can be mad that the Jets didn’t take a starting corner sooner. If we recall, this team went seven straight years of drafting defensive players and ignoring the offense. Joe Douglas is adjusting to the new NFL, and people need to realize that. If Wilson turns into a star, nobody will remember this draft for not taking a day 1 starting corner. Get excited Jets fans, it’s a new day!!!

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