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Interstate of Green: Final Mock Draft


1:1 (CAR) - QB Bryce Young, Alabama

1:2 (HOU) - QB Will Levis, Kentucky

1:3 (ARI) - EDGE Will Anderson Jr., Alabama

1:4 (IND) - QB C.J. Stroud, Ohio State

1:5 (SEA) - QB Anthony Richardson, Florida

1:6 (DET) - DL Jalen Carter, Georgia

1:7 (LV) - CB Devon Witherspoon, Illinois

1:8 (ATL) - OT Paris Johnson Jr., Ohio St.

1:9 (CHI) - EDGE Tyree Wilson, Texas Tech

1:10 (PHI) - RB Bijan Robinson, Texas

1:11 (TEN) - OT Peter Skoronski, Northwestern

1:12 (HOU) - EDGE Nolan Smith, Georgia

1:13 (GB) - WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Ohio State

1:14 (NE) - CB Christian Gonzalez, Oregon

1:15 (NYJ) - OT Broderick Jones, Georgia

1:16 (WAS) - CB Joey Porter Jr., Penn State

1:17 (PIT) - OT Darnell Wright, Tennessee

1:18 (DET) - EDGE Lukas Van Ness, Iowa

1:19 (TB) - EDGE Myles Murphy, Clemson

1:20 (SEA) - IOL O'Cyrus Torrence, Florida

1:21 (LAC) - DL Calijah Kancey, Pittsburgh

1:22 (BAL) - WR Quentin Johnston, TCU

1:23 (MIN) - CB Deonte Banks, Maryland

1:24 (JAX) - CB Brian Branch, Alabama

1:25 (NYG) - WR Zay Flowers, Boston College

1:26 (DAL) - TE Michael Mayer, Notre Dame

1:27 (BUF) - SS Antonio Johnson, Texas A&M

1:28 (CIN) - TE Dalton Kincaid, Utah

1:29 (NO) - EDGE Will McDonald IV, Iowa State

1:30 (PHI) - EDGE Adetomiwa Adebawore, Northwestern

1:31 (KC) - OT Anton Harrison, Oklahoma

KEVIN LIDLOW @klidlow65

1) Carolina Panthers (from Chicago):Bryce Young QB Alabama: Every year always seems to have a smokescreen as to which route a team with the first pick, despite it being too obvious. For the Panthers they made it pretty obvious that they like CJ, I think they will take him here.

2) Houston Texans: Will Levis QB Kentucky: I think the recent reports of Stroud steer the Texans away from him and take Levis instead.

3) Arizona Cardinals: Will Anderson EDGE Alabama: Cardinals need help on the defensive line and what better way to improve it than taking the best edge rusher in the draft.

4) Indianapolis Colts: CJ Stroud QB Ohio State: Despite all of these reports that have been surrounding Stroud the last couple of weeks, I can’t see him dropping out of the top 5.

5) Seattle Seahawks (from Denver): Jalen Carter DT Georgia: Carter could arguably be the overall best defensive lineman in the draft, he’d be a dynamic interior lineman for Caroll’s defense. His off-field issues are concerning but if he can get it straightened out, he would be best in the league.

6) Detroit Lions (from L.A. Rams): Tyree Wilson EDGE Texas Tech: The Lions have a good defense and were very efficient late in the season. Beefing that defensive line would make a very formidable front.

7) Las Vegas Raiders: Devon Witherspoon CB Illinois: Raiders need a ton of help on the defensive side, adding a corner would certainly be a start. He doesn’t have an ideal size but some are comparing his style to Denzel Ward which would be beneficial for him

8) Atlanta Falcons: Christian Gonzalez CB Oregon: Falcons were one of the worst defenses last year, pairing Gonzalez with Terell would certainly help them.

9) Chicago Bears (from Carolina): Peter Skoronski OL Northwestern: The Bears are going to look to upgrade their offensive line, adding Skoronski would be a huge addition.

10) Philadelphia Eagles (from New Orleans):Luka Van Ness Edge Iowa: Eagles have a ton of draft picks this year, which is why they didn’t sign a lot of free agents. They did re sign guys like Cox and Graham on one year deals, and would need to find their replacements

11) Tennessee Titans: Paris Johnson Jr. OT Ohio State: I like Johnson here, especially after the Titans did a whole reset at their offensive line.

12) Houston Texans (from Cleveland): Quentin Johnston WR TCU: First receiver comes off the board and the Texans get some help for their new quarterback.

13) Green Bay Packers: Jaxson Smith-Njigba WR Ohio State: With the Packers set to begin an era post Rodgers, it’s time that they learn from their mistakes and continue to add weapons around their quarterback.

14) New England Patriots: Broderick Jones OT Georgia: Adding Jones to the Patriots offensive line with his skill set will help generating open lanes for the running backs

15) New York Jets: Nolan Smith Edge Georgia: With Bryce Huff on his tender and could be gone next season as well as Lawson being a cap casualty. Jets will look to get younger on the defensive line.

16) Washington Commanders: Dalton Kincaid TE Utah: You can make the argument that the Commanders take a QB here but I think they stick with Howell and add weapons around him.

17) Pittsburgh Steelers: Myles Murphy EDGE Clemson: The Steelers add a quality edge rusher to compliment Watt, and in case he gets hurt. They have depth.

18) Detroit Lions: Cam Smith CB SC: Lions go heavy on the defense this draft, adding help in the secondary and defensive line would certainly help.

19) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Joey Porter Jr. CB Penn State: I see the Bucs adding help to the secondary here and Porter would definitely be a nice touch.

20) Seattle Seahawks: Zay Flowers WR Boston College: Flowers explosiveness adds more speed to the Seahawks receiving room would be huge for their offense

21) Los Angeles Chargers: Michael Mayer TE Notre Dame: Chargers are set at the wide receiver position but they could always use help at tight end. Especially when one is not only a great pass catcher but great run blocker too.

22) Baltimore Ravens: Quentin Johnston WR TCU: Johnston is more of an outside guy who can win the 50/50 ball, and with the addition of OBJ it allows him to move into the slot.

23) Minnesota Vikings: Jordin Addison WR USC: With the loss of Thielen, I see the Vikings use the 23rd pick on a wide receiver to find his replacement

24) Jacksonville Jaguars: Brian Branch S Alabama: The Jaguars don’t have a ton of needs on offense, but they can beef up the secondary. Branch would be a solid pickup.

25) New York Giants: Joe Tippmann OL Wisconsin: Giants added some speed in their skill positions, now they look to add some more depth to the o line.

26) Dallas Cowboys: Bijan Robinson RB Texas: The Cowboys released Elliott and have Pollard on the franchise tag. Adding Robinson would add certainty to that position

27) Buffalo Bills: Mazi Smith DT Michigan: The Bills did a good job adding pieces on the offensive side of the ball, now I think they shift to the defense and beef up the interior defensive line

28) Cincinnati Bengals: Anton Harrison OT Oklahoma: With Jonah Williams requesting a trade, I think the Bengals honor the request and find his replacement in this draft.

29) New Orleans Saints (from San Francisco through Miami and Denver): Will McDonald IV EDGE Iowa State: Saints need to add to their defensive line especially at the edge position.

30) Philadelphia Eagles: Felix Anudlke-Uzomah EDGE Kansas State: Eagles are going to double down on the defensive line front especially with the possibility of losing Cox and Graham next year.

31) Kansas City Chiefs: O’Cyrus Torrence OL Florida: Losing Brown would be a big loss for the Chiefs but I think they would fill a need here


1. Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young

2. Houston Texans Edge Will Anderson Jr

3. Arizona Cardinals OT Peter Skoronski

4. Indianapolis Colts QB CJ Stroud

5. Seattle Seahawks DL Jalen Carter

6. Detroit Lions CB Devon Witherspoon

7. LV Raiders Edge Myles Murphy

8. Atlanta Falcons Edge Tyree Wilson

9. Chicago Bears OT Paris Johnson Jr

10. Philadelphia Eagles RB Bijan Robinson

11. Tennessee Titans QB Will Levis

12. Houston Texans QB Anthony Richardson

13. Green Bay Packers WR Jaxson Smith Nijgba

14. NE Patriots CB Christian González

15. NY Jets OT Darnell Wright

16. Washington Commanders CB Joey Porter Jr.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers OT Broderick Jones

18. Detroit Lions WR Quentin Johnston

19. TB Bucs Edge Nolan Smith

20. Seattle Seahawks IOL Cyrus O’Torrence

21. LA Chargers OT Anton Harrison

22. Baltimore Ravens WR Zay Flowers

23. Minnesota Vikings CB Deonte Banks

24. Jacksonville Jaguars DL Calijah Kancey

25. NY Giants WR Jordan Addison

26. Dallas Cowboys TE Michael Mayer

27. Buffalo Bills DB Brian Branch

28. Cincinnati Bengals TE Dalton Kincaid

29. New Orleans DL Mazi Smith

30. Philadelphia Eagles CB Kelee Ringo

31. KC Chiefs DL Keion White


  1. Carolina Panthers - QB Bryce Young, Alabama

  2. Houston Texans - QB CJ Stroud, Ohio State

  3. Arizona Cardinals - EDGE Will Anderson

  4. Indianapolis Colts - QB Will Levis, Kentucky

  5. Seattle Seahawks - DT Jalen Carter, Georgia

  6. Detroit Lions - EDGE Tyree Wilson, Texas Tech

  7. Las Vegas Raiders - CB Devon Witherspoon, Illinois

  8. Atlanta Falcons - RB Bijan Robinson, Texas

  9. Chicago Bears - OT Peter Skoronski, Northwestern

  10. Philadelphia Eagles - OT Paris Johnson Jr, Ohio State

  11. Tennessee Titans - WR Jaxon Smith- Njigba, Ohio State

  12. Houston Texans - WR Zay Flowers, Boston College

  13. Green Bay Packers - TE Michael Mayer, Norte Dame

  14. New England Patriots - CB Christian Gonzalez, Oregon

  15. New York Jets - OT Broderick Jones, Georgia

  16. Washington Commanders - OT Darnell Wright, Tennessee

  17. Pittsburgh Steelers - CB Joey Porter, Penn State

  18. Detroit Lions - TE Dalton Kincaid, Utah

  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - QB Anthony Richardson, Florida

  20. Seattle Seahawks - OLB Nolan Smith, Georgia

  21. Los Angeles Chargers - WR Quentin Johnston, TCu

  22. Baltimore Ravens - CB Deonte Banks, Maryland

  23. Minnesota Vikings - WR Jordan Addison, USC

  24. Jacksonville Jaguars - DT Bryan Bresee, Clemson

  25. New York Giants - DE Lukas Van Ness, Iowa

  26. Dallas Cowboys - RB Jahmyr Gibbs, Alabama

  27. Buffalo Bills - OL O’Cyrus Torrence, Florida

  28. Cincinnati Bengals - DL Calijah Kancey, Pittsburgh

  29. New Orleans Saints - EDGE Myles Murphy, Clemson

  30. Philadelphia Eagles - S Brian Branch, Alabama

  31. Kansas City Chiefs - OT Anton Harrison, Oklahoma

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