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Grading the Jets free agency: Why they are set for success long term

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The NFL free agency has once again started up and it never seems to disappoint, as we get the chance to see which player will wear a different jersey next season. For the New York Jets, they are looking to build their roster that fits first year head coach Robert Saleh’s system. Since they brought in Saleh, fans got excited because of the rumors that players want to play for him. We soon come to realize that even though players are linked to a certain team, doesn’t always mean that they will actually go there.

In a year affected by COVID, the majority of teams had to cut ties with some of their best players to get under the cap. The Jets were one of the few teams that had a lot of money to spend, therefore could get few of the many free agents out there. Which explains why they were rumored to be big spenders during the offseason, but just because they are linked to certain players it doesn’t mean the team will actually get them.

Out of all the free agents out there, the biggest names the Jets got was Carl Lawson and Corey Davis. Although both are not bad signings by the Jets, the fans were expecting more than that. This team has a lot of holes to fill and you can’t just fill those holes in the draft, you need a good mix of Both.

But as the weeks progressed, the Jets started getting more active but signing more players. None of them were big names but they added depth, which has been the teams biggest concern for the last ten years. They brought in Lamarcis Joyner, Tevin Coleman, a talented receiver in Keelan Cole, Jarrad Davis, Sheldon Rankins, and a few others. Any team can add all the stars they want, but if you don’t have depth. The team will be at a weak point.

As much as we would love the Jets to go after as many free agents as possible, this team isn’t and shouldn’t be in a position for short term success. Regardless of the coach, the team is set up for the long term. We as fans just need to be patient.

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