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Could Zach Ertz Be Lucky Number 12? By Alberto Torres

The 2021 NFL Draft is almost two weeks away and it will be one of the most interesting drafts/draft classes in recent history.

The Philadelphia Eagles have a lot of draft capital securing 11 picks.

The Eagles have plenty of needs, but with having plenty of picks at their disposal and also having plenty of draft capital in next years draft, the Eagles have breathing room and can get creative if need be.

Can the Philadelphia Eagles get creative on draft night, without giving up draft capital to move back up to let’s say the end of the first round? The answer to that question would be “No”, unless you have something of value that can offset having to give up an extra draft pick.

Zach Ertz is still a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, a disgruntled member but still a member of the team.

Zach Ertz, urged and pleaded to be traded and even received permission by the Front Office to have his agent seek out a trade from potential interested teams.

The interest for a Tight End has all of a sudden dried up.

Howie Roseman the GM of the Philadelphia Eagles is a polarizing figure in Philadelphia. You love things he does and also hate the things he does.

Howie knows the value Zach Ertz possesses as the 2021 NFL draft quickly approaches.

Howie Roseman showed his aggressive side by trading back from the 6th overall pick with the Miami Dolphins, go back just six spots to 12 and gain a 1st round draft pick in 2022.

Could Howie still have something up his sleeve that isn’t being heavily discussed, will it all come to fruition come draft day.

Zach Ertz could be an important piece that can be used by Howie to move back into the first round.

A trade up scenario that could occur where Eagles won’t have to give up

Or lose any draft picks could look something like:

Philadelphia Eagles: Trade pick 37 (2nd round, 2021) and Zach Ertz.


Buffalo Bills: Pick 30 ( 1st round, 2021).

This upcoming class for the Tight End position, talent wise falls off considerably after Kyle Pitts. Zach Ertz would be a great and much needed addition to the Bills offense, something QB Josh Allen needs. Trading back seven spots isn’t that drastic and if Linebacker is the primary focus of the Buffalo Bills, they should not have any issues with obtaining one at 37.

Eagles would get much needed cap-relief after trading Zach Ertz, they can then target either CB or WR (depending on who they draft at 12) and the team would still have the remaining draft picks (9) without the need to give them up just to trade. Addressing two dire needs at positions of need.

Howie Roseman, Brandon Beane making this deal would be the best decision for both teams.

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