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Are Jets fans in QB purgatory? Why the Jets should stay away from Lawrence

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Given how the season has played out, it will be lucky if the Jets can come away with at least one win. The 2020 season has been a complete disaster for gang green, from injuries to just awful coaching nothing has gone right for the Jets. Which makes it all but certain that the team could be in the running for the 1st overall pick, but it’s what you do with it that leaves fans in distraught. Do you keep Sam Darnold or move on from him and draft Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence?

  Based on what has transpired through the first four weeks of the season, the Jets look like they don’t belong in this league. Especially since offensive scoring has skyrocketed this year, where there have been over 2500 points put up. The Jets on the other hand just scored over 20 points against the Broncos but majority of it came from field goals. In fact they only scored one offensive touchdown in that game, they are ranked 32nd in every category. 

    A lot of people are putting the blame on Sam Darnold and he does deserve some of the criticism. However majority of it goes to the head coach Adam Gase, his game planning has been horrendous since being the coach of gang green and it seems that he just calls random plays with hope that a play can be made. In regards to player development, Darnold has completely regressed from his rookie year. His footing looks off, and because of that he is inaccurate. Gase keeps saying they will clean that up but it hasn’t gotten better, Darnolds best game was last week because he carried everyone on their back. 

   Gase isn’t using the players he has to his advantage, he’s only been using Frank Gore for the majority of the reps on run plays and the guy is 37 years old. We rarely see rookie La’Mical Perine on the field, but when we do he makes some plays. The lack of receiver depth has been an issue, but Gase could definitely call more motions and pick routes to help gain separation. Plus we haven’t seen Chris Herndon and Ryan Griffin getting involved in any of the reps as well. 

   I have no doubt that Adam Gase should and will be fired after this year because he and the organization has failed Darnold, and when they hire a new coach as well as having the first overall pick; do they build around Darnold or start fresh and draft Trevor Lawrence? I’m definitely on the side of keeping Darnold and just building around him with o line and receiver talent. 

   However if they do get the first overall pick, it is definitely worth a second look if Trevor Lawrence is there. He has only thrown 12 interceptions in his career at Clemson and has thrown over 60 touchdowns, Lawrence is the best quarterback in college football. However, the NFL is a different level and this raises the question of whether he can transition his talents in this league. 

   The Jets should stick with Darnold and just build the talent around him. We’ve seen how good he can be, if they can can build a stable offensive line and get a talented receiver group Darnold can be the very thing that Jets fans have waited for a long time. 

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