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Another embarrassing game results in Adam Gase’s seat burning up.

The Jets have really outdone themselves again and it’s only week 2. They lost to the San Francisco 49ers, in a game where it was already a loss to begin with because they went to the super bowl last year. However, throughout the course of the week prior to the game the 49ers were banged up. They were without Richard Sherman, Greg Kittle, etc. even in the game they got banged up even more by losing the entire defensive line that included Nick Bosa, Arik Armstead, and Soloman Thomas. Good teams would’ve been able to take advantage of that, but the Jets are simply not that. 

Adam Gase’s second year with the Jets not off to a good start, getting blown out in back to back games and scoring only two touchdowns in those games. It’s understandable that you are going up against the two best defenses in the NFL, but when you’re not even putting up a fight that raises red flags. Even the guy who was supposed to be the franchise quarterback looks like he regressed. The team doesn’t seem to have any fight in them and that starts with the leadership of the coaching staff. 

     The 49ers game was a clear indication of what poor leadership does for your players, the Jets were down three scores facing a 4th and 7 in the red zone. Instead of going for it and trying to cut into the deficit, Gase decides to kick a field goal and they are still down by three scores! In his post game interview, the head coach had the nerve to say “There’s not many plays you can call on fourth and seven.” That is not the answer you want to hear from your head coach whatsoever. 

   He then tried to break it down by mentioning the good things they did during the game. They were able to move the ball down the field at times but by no means is that good enough, especially when you can translate that to points. 

   Adam Gase needs to fix this problem fast because he is in serious trouble. This was a prove it year for him and so far he has failed, to make matters even worse was the fact that Christopher Johnson even backed him up by saying that he was a “Offensive Genius”, well the head coach better act like it. 

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