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Why trading for Trent Williams and drafting a tackle or guard with the 11th pick would be the perfec

The Jets have done a marvelous job attempting to rebuild the offensive line that was brutal last year. By resigning some key players from the season before, they also brought in some additions as well. They aren't any of the big names like Jack Conklin or Jeff Thuney, but these guys are proven starters that that could either be opening day starters or even just generate some competition throughout throughout training camp. On paper this looks like an improved offensive line but as expected the Jets are not finished yet as there is still much more work to do, especially when the best player is still available.

The speculation of Redskins offensive tackle Trent Williams wanting to be traded or cut is catching more steam each day that soon enough the fire will burn, just like the bridge between the two parties. I fully expect Williams to be dealt sometime within the coming months once the Redskins realize that they won't be get what they are looking for in the beginning and Trent Williams isn't going to get the major deal he wants. But one way or another he is going to be wearing a uniform that is not the Redskins, the question is that is he going to be the same dominate player that he has been for nine years?

Williams will be 32 years old later this year but I believe that he still has plenty of football left , especially after sitting out the entire 2019 season. He is going to be well rested but before he gets a deal that consists of $20 million, he needs to show everyone that he hasn't missed a beat. It's still a risk worth taking for the Jets since he is an improvement over what they've had in recent years, and if they were to make it happen the cost wouldn't be as much as it's led on to be on both parties.

According to, if the Redskins were to trade or release Williams they will free up $12.5 million in cap space while only creating $2 million in dead money. Obviously the Redskins want to get something out of it, which is why they would rather trade him than releasing him. The Jets would have to eat up that $12.5 million of they were to trade him, but they would only have to give up a third and fifth in that trade (which is a fair deal). The Jets could also throw in a player to sweeten the offer if they so choose, but the point is that this deal would be beneficial for both parties.

Without offering a first round pick in that deal, the Jets will still have the 11th pick in the draft which gives them the opportunity to do whatever they want. The perfect scenario would be for the Jets to draft another offensive lineman whether it's a guard or tackle with the 11th pick to further solidify the line completely. Therefore they could either extend Williams for two years if he performs or they could cut him and the guy they drafted could take his place, they could draft a skills position player on day two with the possibility of getting a Tee Higgins.

Joe Douglas mission would be complete that plan comes into play. The ability to have an offensive line like that would be the vision the Jets had and what fans haven't seen since the days of Nick Mangold and D'Brickashaw Ferguson. Who says drafting an offensive line or getting one in free agency isn't exciting?

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