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Interstate of Green: Mock Draft 2.0

Rich Wilhelm @koda522

  1. Bengals- Joe Burrow- QB (LSU)

  2. Redskins- Chase Young- Edge (Ohio State)

  3. Lions- Jeff Okudah- CB (Ohio State)

  4. Giants- Isaiah Simmons- LB (Clemson)

  5. Dolphins- Tua Tagovailoa- QB (Alabama)

  6. Chargers- Justin Herbert- QB (Oregon)

  7. Panthers- Derrick Brown- DT (Auburn)

  8. Cardinals- Ceedee Lamb- WR (Oklahoma)

  9. Jaguars- Jerry Jeudy-WR (Alabama)

  10. Browns- Mekhi Becton- OT (Louisville)

  11. Jets- Tristan Wirfs- OT (Iowa)

  12. Raiders- Henry Ruggs III- WR- (Alabama)

  13. Colts- Javon Kinlaw- DL (South Carolina)

  14. Bucs- Jordan Love- QB (Utah)

  15. Broncos- Jedrick Wills- OT (Alabama)

  16. Falcons- K’Lavon Chaisson- Edge (LSU)

  17. Cowboys- Xavier McKinney- S (Alabama)

  18. Dolphins- AJ Epenesa- Edge (Iowa)

  19. Raiders- Kristian Fulton- CB (LSU)

  20. Jags- CJ Henderson- CB (Florida)

  21. Eagles- Laviska Shenault- WR (Colorado)

  22. Bills- Justin Jefferson- WR (LSU) *

  23. Patriots- Yetur Gross-Matos- Edge (P State)

  24. Saints- Cesar Ruiz- IOL (Michigan) *

  25. Vikings- Andrew Thomas- OT (Georgia)

  26. Dolphins- D’Andre Swift- RB (Georgia)

  27. Seahawks- Zach Baun- EDGE (Wisconsin) *

  28. Ravens- Patrick Queen- LB (LSU)

  29. Titans- Terrell Lewis- EDGE (Alabama) *

  30. Packers- Josh Jones- OT (Houston) *

  31. 49ers- Grant Delpit- S (LSU)

  32. Chiefs- Kenneth Murray- LB (Oklahoma)

*=New 1st round pick

Out of the first round from 1.0:

AJ Terrell CB (Clemson)

Marlon Davidson- Edge (Auburn)

Tee Higgins- WR- (Clemson)

Trevon Diggs- CB (Alabama)

Jalen Reagor- WR (TCU)

Alberto Torres @CYTA2013

1. Bengals QB Joe Burrow 2. Redskins QB Tua Tagovailoa 3. Lions CB Jeffrey Okudah 4. Giants Edge Chase Young 5. Dolphins QB Justin Herbert 6. Chargers LB Isaiah Simmons 7. Panthers IDL Derrick Brown 8. Cardinals WR Ceedee Lamb 9. Jaguars IDL Javon Kinlaw 10. Browns OT Jedrick Wills 11. Jets OT Mekhi Becton 12. Raiders WR Henry Ruggs III 13. Colts WR Jerry Jeudy 14. Buccaneers OT Tristan Wirfs 15. Broncos WR Laviska Shenault 16. Falcons Edge K’vaon Chisson 17. Cowboys CB Kristian Fulton 18. Dolphins Edge A.J. Epenesa 19. Raiders QB Jordan Love 20. Jaguars S Xavier McKinney 21. Eagles WR Justin Jefferson 22. Bills Edge Yetur Gross-Matos 23. Patriots OT Andre Thomas 24. Saints OT Josh Jones 25. Vikings CB C.J. Henderson 26. Dolphins RB D’Andre Swift 27. Seahawks WR Jalen Reagor 28. Ravens LB Patrick Queen 29. Titans Edge Zack Bain 30. Packers WR Denzel Mims 31. 49ers CB Jeff Gladney 32. Chiefs RB Jonathan Taylor

David Dubovy @DavidDubovy

  1. Cincinnati Bengals: Joe Burrow – QB, LSU

  2. Washington Redskins: Chase Young – EDGE, Ohio State

  3. Detroit Lions: Jeff Okudah – CB, Ohio State

  4. New York Giants: Isaiah Simmons – LB, Clemson

  5. Miami Dolphins: Justin Herbert – QB, Oregon

  6. Los Angeles Chargers: Tua Tagovailoa – QB, Alabama

  7. Carolina Panthers: Derrick Brown – DT, Auburn

  8. Arizona Cardinals: CeeDee Lamb – WR, Oklahoma

  9. Jacksonville Jaguars: Tristian Wirfs – OT, Iowa

  10. Cleveland Browns: Andrew Thomas – OT, Georgia

  11. New York Jets: Mecki Becton – OT, Louisville

  12. Las Vegas Raiders: Jerry Jeudy – WR, Alabama

  13. Indianapolis Colts: Javon Kinlaw – DT, South Carolina

  14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jedrick Wills Jr. – OT, Alabama

  15. Denver Broncos: AJ Epenesa – EDGE, Iowa

  16. Atlanta Falcons: Trevon Diggs – CB, Alabama

  17. Dallas Cowboys: Grant Delpit – S, LSU

  18. Miami Dolphins: Tee Higgins – WR, Clemson

  19. Las Vegas Raiders: Julian Okwara – EDGE, Notre Dame

  20. Jacksonville Jaguars: K’Lavon Chaisson – EDGE, LSU

  21. Philadelphia Eagles: Henry Ruggs III – WR, Alabama

  22. Buffalo Bills: Laviska Shenault – WR, Colorado

  23. New England Patriots: Jacob Eason – QB, Washington

  24. New Orleans Saints: Xavier McKinney – S, Alabama

  25. Minnesota Vikings: CJ Henderson – CB, Florida

  26. Miami Dolphins: Kristian Fulton – CB, LSU

  27. Seattle Seahawks: D’Andre Swift – RB, Georgia

  28. Baltimore Ravens: Kenneth Murray – LB, Oklahoma

  29. Tennessee Titans: Yetur Gross-Matos – EDGE, Penn State

  30. Green Bay Packers: Cole Kmet – TE, Notre Dame

  31. San Francisco 49ers: Austin Jackson – OT, USC

  32. Kansas City Chiefs: Patrick Queen – LB, LSU

Vincent Zahler @VincentZahler

  1. Cincinnati Bengals-Joe Burrow-QB-LSU

  2. Washington Redskins-ChaseYoung-Edge-OSU

  3. Detroit Lions-Jeff Okudah-CB-OSU

  4. New York Giants-Isaiah Simmons-LB-Clemson

  5. Miami Dolphins-Tua Tagovailoa-QB-Alabama

  6. Los Angeles Chargers-Justin Herbert-QB-Oregon

  7. Carolina Panthers-K’Lavon Chaisson-Edge-LSU

  8. Arizona Cardinals-Mekhi Becton-OT-Louisville

  9. Jacksonville Jaguars-Jordan Love-QB-Utah State

  10. Cleveland Browns-Derrick Brown-DT-Auburn

  11. New York Jets-Tristan Wirfs-OT-Iowa

  12. Las Vegas Raiders-Andrew Thomas-OT-Georgia

  13. Indianapolis Colts-Jerry Jeudy-WR-Alabama

  14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Jedrick Wills-OT-Alabama

  15. Denver Broncos-CeeCee Lamb-WR-Oklahoma

  16. Atlanta Falcons-Jonathan Taylor-RB-Wisconsin

  17. Dallas Cowboys-Javon Kinlaw-DT-South Carolina

  18. Miami Dolphins-Austin Jackson-OT-USC

  19. Las Vegas Raiders-Tee HIggins-WR-Clemson

  20. Jacksonville Jaguars-CJ Henderson-CB-Florida

  21. Philadelphia Eagles-Henry Ruggs III-Alabama

  22. Buffalo Bills-Patrick Queen-LB-LSU

  23. New England Patriots-Jacob Eason-QB-Washington

  24. New Orleans Saints-AJ Terrell-Clemson

  25. Minnesota Vikings-Trevon Diggs-Alabama

  26. MIami Dolphins-D’Andre Swift-RB-Georgia

  27. Seattle Seahawks-Kenneth Murray-LB-Oklahoma

  28. Baltimore Ravens-Yetor Gross-Matos-Edge-Penn State

  29. Tennessee Titans-Curtis Weaver-Edge-Boise State

  30. Green Bay Packers-Josh Jones-OT-Houston

  31. San Francisco 49ers-Terrell Burgess-S-Utah

  32. Kansas City Chiefs-JK Dobbins-RB-OSU

Stephen Dubovy @StephenDubovy

  1. Cincinnati Bengals – Joe Burow, QB

  2. Washington Redskins – Tua Tagovailoa, QB

  3. Detroit Lions – Chase Young, EDGE

  4. New York Giants – Mekhi Becton - OT

  5. Miami Dolphins – Justin Herbert, QB

  6. Los Angeles Chargers – Jordan Love - QB

  7. Carolina Panthers – Jeff Okudah - CB

  8. Arizona Cardinals - Andrew Thomas, OT

  9. Jacksonville Jaguars - Isaiah Simmons, LB

  10. Cleveland Browns - Javon Kinlaw, DT

  11. New York Jets - Tristan Wirfs - OT

  12. Las Vegas Raiders - CeeDee Lamb - WR

  13. Indianapolis Colts - Derrick Brown - DT

  14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Jedrick Wills - OT

  15. Denver Broncos - Jerry Jeudy - WR

  16. Atlanta Falcons - A.J. Epenesa, EDGE

  17. Dallas Cowboys - Xavier McKinney, S

  18. Miami Dolphins - Austin Jackson - OT

  19. Las Vegas Raiders – Patrick Queen, LB

  20. Jacksonville Jaguars – Henry Ruggs III - WR

  21. Philadelphia Eagles - Tee Higgins - WR

  22. Buffalo Bills - Kenneth Murray - LB

  23. New England Patriots - Xavier McKinney - S

  24. New Orleans Saints – Jacob Eason - QB

  25. Minnesota Vikings - Trevon Diggs, CB

  26. Miami Dolphins – Cesar Ruiz, OL

  27. Seattle Seahawks - Ross Blacklock - DT

  28. Baltimore Ravens - Zack Baun, EDGE

  29. Tennessee Titans - Josh Jones, OT

  30. Green Bay Packers - Kenneth Murray, LB

  31. San Francisco 49ers - Terrell Burgess - S

  32. Kansas City Chiefs - D'Andre Swift - RB

Brandon Turner @badsustinere

  1. Cincinnati Bengals -Joe Burrow QB

  2. Washington Redskins- Tua Tagovailoa QB

  3. Detroit Lions- Chase Young EDGE

  4. New York Giants- Jedrick Wills Jr. OT

  5. Miami Dolphins- Justin Herbert QB

  6. Los Angeles Chargers- Andrew Thomas OT

  7. Carolina Panthers- Derrick Brown DL

  8. Arizona Cardinals-Tristan Wirfs OT

  9. Jacksonville Jaguars-LB Isaiah Simmons LB

  10. Cleveland Browns- Mekhi Becton OT

  11. New York Jets- Jerry Jeudy WR

  12. Las Vegas Raiders- CeeDee Lamb WR

  13. Indianapolis Colts- Jordan Love QB

  14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Josh Jones OT

  15. Denver Broncos- Henry Ruggs III

  16. Atlanta Falcons- K’Lavon Chaisson-EDGE

  17. Dallas Cowboys- C.J. Henderson CB

  18. Miami Dolphins- Trevon Diggs CB

  19. Las Vegas Raiders- Patrick Queen LB

  20. Jacksonville Jaguars- Javon Kinlaw DL

  21. Philadelphia Eagles- Laviska Shenault Jr.

  22. Buffalo Bills- Tee Higgins WR

  23. New England Patriots- A.J. Epenesa EDGE

  24. New Orleans Saints- Trevon Diggs CB

  25. Minnesota Vikings- Kristian Fulton CB

  26. Miami Dolphins- D’Andre Swift RB

  27. Seattle Seahawks- Ross Blacklock DT

  28. Baltimore Ravens- Kenneth Murray LB

  29. Tennessee Titans- Justin Jefferson WR

  30. Green Bay Packers- Cole Kmet TE

  31. San Francisco 49ers- Xavier McKinney S

  32. Kansas City Chiefs- Jeff Gladney CB

Kevin Lidlow @KLidlow65

  1. Cincinnati Bengals: Tua Tagovalloa QB Alabama (Trade via Miami): This whole rumor that Burrow doesn’t want to go to Cincinnati may be true after all, Therefore this will be an Eli Manning situation that ends with the Bengals getting Tua instead.

  2. Miami Dolphins (via Washington): Joe Burrow QB LSU (trade via Bengals): Joe Burrow wins by going to a team that’s not the Bengals and the Dolphins somehow get the best quarterback in the draft.

  3. Detroit Lions: Jeff Okudah CB Ohio St: All signs appear that the Lions might be moving on from corner Darius Slay and they will need a successor.

  4. NY Giants: Chase Young DE Ohio St: This is the perfect scenario for the Giants if Chase Young falls at 4, they would be crazy to not take advantage of it.

  5. Washington Redskins: Andrew Thomas OT Georgia: It’s most likely that the Redskins and Trent Williams will be parting ways this offseason, therefore giving them a hole on the offensive line.

  6. LA Chargers: Tristan Wirfs OL Iowa: The Chargers have let go of Rivers and will look to add a veteran quarterback, but will boost the o line through the draft.

  7. Carolina Panthers: Isaiah Simmons LB Clemson: With the sudden retirement of Kuechly, The Panthers are in need of a linebacker.

  8. Arizona Cardinals: Jerry Jeudy WR Alabama: The Cardinals finished the year with one of the top offenses in the league. With the addition of Jeudy, they could have a solid duo with Murray and Jeudy.

  9. Jacksonville Jaguars: A.J. Espenesa Edge Iowa: What was once a stud starred defensive line, the Jaguars are in need of a edge rusher to get to the QB. Espinosa is the best that would be on the board.

  10. Cleveland Browns: Mekhl Becton OL Louisville: The Browns probably need the most help on the offensive line and since they would miss out on Trent Williams, Becton would be the obvious choice here.

  11. Philadelphia Eagles (via New York Jets): CeeDee Lamb WR Oklahoma: The Eagles would be giving up a lot to move up to 11, but with the off-season the Jets had, I can see this happening. Plus the Eagles get the best receiver in college.

  12. Las Vegas Raiders: Kristian Fulton CB LSU: The Raiders defense really showed some promise last season but still have a long way to go. Some secondary help might do the trick.

  13. Indianapolis Colts: Justin Herbert QB Oregon: The Colts need to find a franchise quarterback after Luck retired and Brissett isn’t the answer.

  14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: K’Lavon Chalsson Edge LSU: It’s tough to say what the Bucs are going to do at quarterback. But it doesn’t appear that they will search in the draft.

  15. Denver Broncos: Henry Ruggs 3 WR Alabama: Drew Lock showed a lot of promise last year and I think they will look to add some young talented weapons for him to flourish.

  16. Atlanta Falcons: Derrick Brown DL Auburn: If the Falcons are going to keep Dan Quinn, then they need to rebuild the defense that was once a dominant unit.

  17. Dallas Cowboys: Trevon Diggs CB Alabama: The Cowboys over did themselves with these big spendings and now they will likely get rid of one of their top corners, so they will need to replace him.

  18. Washington Redskins (via Miami): Tee Higgins WR Clemson: The Redskins boost their offensive line and they give Haskins some weapons to build around.

  19. Las Vegas Raiders (via Chicago): Kenneth Murray LB Oklahoma: The Raiders will look to keep boosting the defense in the draft, while focusing on the offense in free agency.

  20. Jacksonville Jaguars (via Rams): Xavier McKinney S Alabama: The Jaguars have to get younger in the secondary. McKinney will be a nice addition for them.

  21. New York Jets (via Eagles): Jedrick Wills Jr. Alabama: Joe Douglas is about to be given a parade because of how successful his first off-season has been. He got Darnold some protection through free agency and the draft, not to mention he will be giving him some weapons too.

  22. Buffalo Bills: Justin Jefferson WR LSU: The Bills will be looking to add a receiver that compliments John Brown and Cole Beasley.

  23. New England Patriots: Jacob Eason QB Washington: It’s time that the Patriots start looking for Brady’s successor, especially since they might get rid of him.

  24. New Orleans Saints: CJ Henderson CB Florida: The Saints defense is no joke, but they do need to get younger in the secondary. Especially one that compliments Lattimore.

  25. Minnesota Vikings: Javon Kinlaw DL South Carolina: Adding some depth to formidable defensive line should help the Vikings make a run in 2020.

  26. Miami Dolphins (via Texans): Josh Jones OL Houston: They got the QB that they wanted, now they need to make sure they can keep him upright.

  27. Seattle Seahawks: Yetur Gross-Matos Edge Penn St. The Seahawks have recreated their secondary, now they need an edge rusher. Clowney looks like he was a rental, they need a long term solution.

  28. Baltimore Ravens: Terrell Lewis Edge Alabama: The Ravens will likely tag and trade Judon, so they will add an edge rusher in the draft that won’t cost them much.

  29. Tennessee Titans: Jullan Okwara Edge Notre Dame: The Titans need to get younger on their defensive line, especially a pass rusher.

  30. Green Bay Packers: Jalen Reagor WR TCU: The Packers should add some more weapons for Rodgers if they want any chance of contending.

  31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (via 49ers). Julian Love QB Utah St. The Buccaneers make a trade with the 49ers and they draft a new quarterback to replace Winston.

  32. Kansas City Chiefs: Bryce Hall CB Virginia: The Super Bowl Champs will need to help boost their defense again by adding some secondary help.

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