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  • Kevin Lidlow

Scouting Report: CeeDee Lamb WR Oklahoma.

The NFL scouting combine is on it's final day this week and the biggest thing we took away from it, was that the offensive line and wide receiver position is evolving right in front of our eyes. We saw linemen run a 5.00 or better during the forty yard dash as well displaying excellent foot work and athleticism from guys who weighed around 315 pounds or more during the work outs. But the most astonishing event came from the wide receiver class, where we have seen the most evolution in that position. Last year, we saw D.K Metcalf catching buzz around the league by showing off how muscularly tone he was then capping off a tremendous numbers in the combine. Even though he got drafted in the third round, he performed at a high level with the Seattle Seahawks. Fast forward to this year where the receiver class is yet again showing why this position is changing, we've saw guys run a 4.28 while being 6'5 and 220 pounds. The Jets will be searching for a wide receiver in the NFL draft and while it's unclear which position they will focus on in the first round, there is a possibility of them taking a receiver and look no further than one of the best in CeeDee Lamb.

Lamb's numbers at the combine was just as we expected from a guy who analyst's believed he was going to be a first round pick. His grade was a 6.86 overall with a 4.50 forty time, 34.5 inch vertical jump, 124 inch broad jump and only 11 reps on the bench press. This shouldn't really make anyone second guess about picking him or even move him off a teams draft board because this was only a workout and he will have another one at his pro day in Oklahoma. The good teams never look at the scouting combine as a major factor in deciding when and where they should take a player, they watch their games on film and Lamb may have the best out there in terms of performance.

From what I saw watching Lambs film, I saw a guy who has the ability to stretch the field not just by running a go route. Any route he ran you can tell the opposing team was making sure they kept their eye on him to see where he was going, that allowed his teammates to get open on crossing routes as well turning it into a potential big play. Lamb also knows where the soft spot of the zone defense is, he is your typical go to receiver because of the amount of trust Jalen Hurts had in him when they needed a big play.

His ability to not give up on a play and locating where the ball is going to be would help young and veteran quarterbacks with their confidence. But what not everyone talks about is his run blocking, I've noticed that he is very useful in run type plays by noticing how well he blocks down field against corners and safeties. Lamb shows that he can be an all around player, so if he were to be drafted by a team he could get majority of the snaps.

There wasn't much weaknesses in his game, he would have to improve his route running when he gets into the pros but once he does that then he will be a much better play. He also doesn't have the top speed like a Tyreek Hill but that's not his style anyway, he wins by using his football IQ and technique.

My overall assessment is that the Jets need a player like Lamb, his physical ability will help this offense improve a lot. They already have the speed in Jamison Crowder but they need a player who a quarterback can throw the ball up and expect his receiver to win the 50/50 ball. Not too mention that if Lamb can stretch the field, it will help create a more spots underneath to potentially generate a big play.

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