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  • Kevin Lidlow

Scouting Report: Tristan Wirfs

My scouting report blog is back in time for the beginning of the offseason and as we break down the possible scenarios for what the New York Jets could possibly do to improve the team for the 2020 season. The one thing is for sure the Jets need to start hitting with their draft picks, which starts with new general manager Joe Douglas. He gets the chance to show us why the Jets picked him as the general manager, and one thing is for sure he has to focus on one of the biggest needs on this team. That would be the offensive line, which allowed 52 sacks last season. They need to improve the offensive line if they want to be competitive next season.

Fortunately the NFL draft class this year for offensive linemen is very deep, that is good considering the Jets will be picking 11th after finishing the year at 7-9. They will likely miss out on Georgia’s offensive tackle Andrew Thomas who will probably be gone somewhere in the top ten, but they will be able to get the other one who is just as good and that is Tristan Wirfs from the university of Iowa. Wirfs weigh about 320 pounds and stands at 6 ft 5 inches. The university at Iowa has developed a lot of linemen who had success in the NFL. One of the names that come off the top of my head is Brandon Scherff who could possibly make big money next year, and the biggest reason because of that is they come from a wrestling background as well.

The university at Iowa could potentially become the university that NFL teams look to for quality offensive linemen. Wirfs a junior has been generating buzz around the league with his height and weight, but also the fact of what he has been able to do on the field as well. He is mean, nasty and shows tremendous power from the point of attack which is what the Jets could use to help with the run game. He also shows great strength and elite grip to help consistently grip control his opponent. His best game I thought was against Iowa state where he really showed that he is quick off of the snap and plays to the whistle.

His major strength is the run game but he could improve on being a pass protector. For his height and weight, he moves pretty well but he doesn’t move quickly enough to be able to stop the top pass rushers in the game. He showed some improvement during his junior season but that is still a concern going into the Draft.

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