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  • Kevin Lidlow

Jets offense needs to bail out the defense in order for them to win.

It's crazy as it may seem due to the fact that this team is 4-8 and looks like they just keep getting worse week after week, but the Jets defense has been the only bright spot of this team. Despite losing majority of their starters to injury, the Jets still have the number 1 rush defense in the league even with playing their third stringers. The problem is and has always been the offense in this decade with only glimmers of potential, but end up with disappointment year after year. Then the Jets drafted a quarterback who could be the next best thing since the quarterback that took them to their one and only super bowl (you know his name), but it seems that they are just wasting his talents with a guy who claims to be an "offensive guru" but hasn't shown any signs of it. Even though they've shown some glimmers, we need to see all of it especially against teams they should beat.

The Jets will be facing the Dolphins for the second time this year, to which they will be looking for some payback after the getting embarrassed the first time. This time New York will be the home team, and the offense will hopefully pick up some of the pieces that they dropped in Cincinnati a week ago. Not only did this offense lose to yet another winless team, but it was against a winless team with the worst ranked defense in the league. That defense recorded four sacks and only allowed 6 points to an offense that previously scored 34 points in three straight weeks, to make matters worse that same offense had generated 8 of the teams 10 penalties and one of them turned into a safety.

I don't care what Adam Gase does as long as the offense scores more than 20 points, the offense is going to need a big performance without Le'veon Bell who hasn't had the his usual season. But he still does enough for teams respect his ability, Regardless, this offense cannot have another consistently bad offensive performance to a team that is one of the worse ranked defense in the NFL, especially when the teams best defensive player won't be playing.

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