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  • Kevin Lidlow

Jets get a shot at redemption against the winless Bengals.

The Jets are firing on all cylinders with a three game winning streak to which has come from the Giants, Redskins, and Raiders. Their most impressive win came last week where the Jets single handedly destroyed a Raiders team that was fighting for a playoff spot, and the way it's been shaping up if the Jets can win out they might have a realistic shot at making the playoffs. Of course it is very much a long but the very least they can do is make the other teams worry a little bit, but in order to do that they need to win out starting with the winless Cincinnati Bengals.

Sam Darnold has been picking apart the secondary of all three of teams he has faced, and its ironic that each one of them have the lowest rankings in terms of the passing game. This week he will be going up against a Cincinnati Bengals teams that is ranked near the bottom, and it's not just in one category. The Bengals are ranked 30th in passer rating against opponents, 32nd in YPA, and 26th in completion percentage (, all things that Darnold has done well in the last three weeks. If Darnold continues to play sharp like he has been, he could be in the running for another big week.

On most occasions where some teams may have weaknesses in one area but have strengths in another, the Bengals are weak in both the run and the pass. They allow 4.9 YPC and 166.4 YPG on the ground and even though the Jets running attack have been mostly non existent, this could be a breakout game for gang greens running backs including Le'veon Bell. Bell mentioned during his after practice session with the media that he is having one of the best years in his career. Despite the fact that he is not putting up the same numbers as he used to, I do agree with him because he's allowing everyone else to make the big plays because teams are focusing on him. This week might be the exact opposite and I believe that we will see the Le'veon Bell we are used to seeing, as long as the offensive line does their job.

Andy Dalton will be back as the starting quarterback for the Bengals are desperate for a win and at this point have nothing to lose. The Jets pass defense hasn't been terrible the last couple of weeks, but they haven't been the best either. Both Bless Austin and Arthur Maulet have been incredible the previous three weeks but will need to keep it going against Tyler Boyd and possibly AJ Green. Dalton certainly gives the Bengals a better chance to win, so the Jets defense needs to stay sharp and focused.

One of the defenses best strengths has been the ability to stop the run for which they are ranked first in the NFL. Bengals running back Joe Mixon hasn't had the best start to the season but has been getting better and has been the most consistent throughout. The Jets interior defensive line led by McLendon, Fatosuki, and Williams have done a fantastic job controlling the gaps as well as allowing the linebackers to run through and make the tackle. They'll need to do it again against the Bengals offensive line that is banged up and old.

The Jets have a shot at redemption against the Bengals who are still winless and the last time the Jets went up against an opponent who has yet to win, they crumpled badly. But they can not only right the ship here and come away with a win, but they will be in a better position for a revenge game against the Dolphins next week.

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