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  • Kevin Lidlow

Derek Carr and company didn't come to play as they were no match against the Jets

(Credit: New York

The 2019 season for the New York Jets has been one that we want to forget after what has been a gruesome start. There has been many fingers pointing to who should get the blame for that whether it's injuries/illness, the front office, or even the coaching staff. Although everyone has is to blame on most occasions, I think we as fans should consider that the expectations were too high. Yes the Jets brought in Le'veon Bell, CJ Mosley, etc. but this team just brought in a new coach and grasping a entire new playbook doesn't happen overnight. With that being said this season should be about the development on Sam Darnold and even though he struggled, he has finally shown the potential that we believed he had. Not only did this team win against an opponent above .500, but they completely blew out the Oakland Raiders for what was the most complete game we saw from this team.

Sam Darnold only had 9 incompletions and has made 68% of his throws. On top of that he threw for 315 yards and two touchdowns with no interceptions. The second year quarterback didn't throw for four touchdowns like last week but debatably this was his best performance this year. The receivers had themselves a great day as well, both Robby Anderson and Le'veon Bell had excellent days with a combined total of 145 yards receiving on 9 catches and one touchdown. They made plays when the team needed it, and Darnold kept plays with his feet and just making smart decisions.

Head Coach Adam Gase has deservedly gotten the majority of the blame for his bad play calling, but you also have to give him credit. Over the last three games, he has done a great job with calling the plays and yesterday might have been his best one yet. Against Oakland, the Jets only had few occasions where they had to punt the ball away but for the most part this team drove down the field against the Raiders defense.

The Jets defense led by Jamal Adams had another outstanding performance by not only allowing three points but also recording a pick-six, courtesy of cornerback Brian Poole. They didn't have a ton of sacks on Derek Carr, but they pressured him enough to force him into making bad throws. The #1 rush defense held Josh Jacobs to only 34 yards on 10 carries, and even though the Raiders aren't considered as a one dimensional team due to the fact that they can throw the ball, but the Jets made them desperate. Going into this game the Raiders had one of the best percentages on converting third downs, and the Jets only held them to 10 first downs all game.

This team has won three straight by beating teams they were supposed to and one was against a team above .500, now they will be taking on the Cincinnati Bengals who are 0-11 and they elected Andy Dalton as the starter again. This is another game where the Jets should and must win, they are doing really good and need to keep it up.

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