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  • Kevin Lidlow

Jets win back to back against the Redskins

For the first time this season, the New York Jets have won back to back football games and they've done it in blowout fashion. This team has scored over 30 points in the passed two weeks against opponents that are just as bad and worse. Against the redskins, it was almost a perfect game on both sides of the ball with only two bad plays that led to turnovers from the Jets. Yesterday's game was the one where this team couldn't lose, in fact the only way for them to lose if they shot themselves in the foot. They didn't do that and the result came out to be a win where fans are saying it's about time, starting with their quarterback.

Sam Darnold had himself a career day, as he completed about 63% of his passes with 293 yards, four touchdowns, and one interception. The interception came on a poor decision by him with a double screen pass that the Redskins read perfectly, my only thought on that was the fact he shouldn't have made the throw in the first place. He still has to learn that if a play isn't there, then throw the ball away. But overall he had a great performance, he seemed comfortable in the pocket as well as moving around to buy time for his receivers to get open.

The offensive line had possibly their best performance yet, they have done a good job protecting Sam and allowing him time to make his throws. They have only given up two sacks, they still need work on opening up holes for the running backs to run through but it's definitely a step into the right direction for this unit. Since the Jets lost Chris Herndon for the year, Ryan Griffin has really stepped it up recently with another big performance against the Redskins.

The defense had their most perfect game yesterday as they not only recorded six sacks two weeks in a row, but it was hard to move the ball against them. Jamal Adams has taken his game to another level by not only recording two more sacks, but just generating turnovers left and right. Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams drew up the perfect game plan against Dwayne Haskins, who has already been struggling since being the starting quarterback.

The Jets have clawed their way back into this, they seem more comfortable every week. Even though they are not perfect and are a long way from that, it's a step into the right direction. Now they have to beat teams in the AFC and win games against those teams that have a winning record. They are back home against the Raiders this week who are also a young talented team.

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