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  • Kevin Lidlow

Jets have a must win situation against the Dolphins.

The battle of the last place teams will take place tomorrow, and for the Jets they are facing a must win situation. The pressure will be on them the most because the Jets believe that they are a good team despite having a 1-6 record. The record isn't even the worst part, their has been moments during the year where all you can do is laugh at them. As if it doesn't get any more worse, the Jets haven't beaten the Dolphins since September 24th of 2017, Adam Gase had his way with the Jets when he was in Miami. Now that he is with the Jets, he still is finding ways for the Jets to lose. But with a win tomorrow they can begin to dig themselves out of the hole they've created. In order for this team to come away with a win though, the offense has to wake up and that starts with the head coach.

Both the Jets and Dolphins are the bottom scoring teams in the NFL, the Jets have the slightest advantage with scoring just .1 more than their division rival. The problem with the Dolphins is that they are starting their games good but can't seem to finish. They scored 14 points against the Pittsburgh Steelers before crumbling in the second half, during the second half of the season they have been outscored 130-20 (pro-football reference.) The Dolphins have been back and forth with their starting quarterbacks, they've gone from Ryan Fitzpatrick to Josh Rosen and then back to Ryan Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick has five touchdowns and seven interceptions on the year, he's looked good in the first half but terrible in the second.

The Jets offense has looked terrible from start to finish all year long, in fact the offense has scored on their first drive last week in over a year. Sam Darnold had a completion percentage of 70 percent, but also threw three interceptions against the Jacksonville Jaguars. They are even ranked last net yards per game (209.6 & 254.6), pass yards per attempt (5.78 & 5.94), first downs (92 & 114) and overall yards per play (3.79 & 4.29) per pro-football reference. The Dolphins are ranked higher than them in those categories, that shows you how bad this Jets team has been throughout the year under Adam Gase.

The defense and special teams have been the bright spots on this team, but the defense is completely banged up and the special teams can only do so much. It's time for the offense to finally step up and start backing up what they've been saying all year long about how good this offense can really be.

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