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  • Kevin Lidlow

The Jets will be buyers and sellers during the trade deadline

The NFL trade deadline is vast approaching and with the New York Jets sitting at 1-6, it's most likely that any chance of making a run towards the post season is not going to happen. Despite having one of the easiest schedules remaining in the 2019 season, the Jets blew it with the loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars yesterday. Now that the team is in disarray, it's time for the Jets to tear down and rebuild from the ground up. They've already made one trade sending Leonard Williams to the New York Giants for a third and a fifth round pick, a trade that was expected from the last couple of months. The next player who will likely be on the move will be Robby Anderson with a couple of others as well, there's no doubt that this team will have a sale on players who won't be in their future. Despite being sellers during the trade deadline, I can also see that Joe Douglas will look to bring in some players in order to get a head start into this rebuild mode.

The goal for the Jets is to generate enough draft capital to collect for the 2020 draft as well as getting rid of any dead money so that they can have enough cap space. I don't think that they will bring in some super star talent because for one thing it wouldn't make sense too, and second is that they don't need to. The Jets have some what a super star on their roster with Jamal Adams and CJ Mosley on the defense, as well as Le'veon Bell on the offense. What they need to do is add in depth, especially on the offensive line and in the secondary.

Every good team has a super star player on their team but what makes them so good is the kind of depth they have to surround that player with. On top of that they have a strong front office staff to generate talent through the draft as well as free agency, and a coach who actually knows what they're doing. It remains to be seen on how good Joe Douglas will be as their general manager because he hasn't had a full off season under his belt. But one thing is for sure, Head coach Adam Gase needs to step up and be the coach they hired him to be otherwise he will sit in the unemployment line.

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