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  • Kevin Lidlow

"Patience is a virtue", why Jets fans should wait before turning their backs on this team

The 2019 season has not been kind for the New York Jets and rightfully so, over the past three weeks this team offensively has only scored one touchdown and can barely get to the opponent's side of the field. In their defense the Jets have their third string quarterback starting after losing Darnold to mono and Siemien to a gruesome leg injury. Let’s also not forget that this team has a new coaching staff, which means a new style of both the defensive and offensive schematics with new players on this roster. After all of that, there has to be a pinpoint to where we will finally see success, but when?

For Jets fans the term patience has been the focal point of many general managers and coaches for the last ten years since the last time they were any good. Recently it has been a bunch of inconsistent seasons that started out promising but ended in failure, Followed by a change in the front office and coaching staff. The goal is to compete with the Patriots and attempt to dethrone them, it clearly hasn’t worked so well because of the impatience from this front office.

Even when they tried to do things the “right way,” it has led to nothing but bad draft picks or very few to begin with. So the term patience means almost nothing to Jets fans because until we actually see improvement after every year, fans will continue to get frustrated. The Buffalo Bills are in the same boat as the Jets but after three years under Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane, you can see this team making a step towards the right direction by how they have structurally build that team.

From this point of view, the Jets have a window of three years of showing some improvement. Not only does the offense as well as the defense should be better from that span, but it’s also important for Joe Douglas to not only bring in talented players but to retain them as well. If they can keep the players they’ve had on the roster, it helps them execute a lot better because the players should know the system. It also gives them a chance to develop a culture in the locker room, which is the most important part of any team.

I understand that three years is a long time and during that time they would have to resign Jamal Adams with the possibility of having to sign Darnold in the year after. But three years will allow this coaching staff and front office to build a team they seem fit. Not too mention it also gives the players who are still on this team at tat point to fully grasp the system on both the offense and defense, at that point is where we should really judge on whether or not we believe in this coaching staff as well as the front office.

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