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  • Kevin Lidlow

Jets brutal offensive performance leaves the team to an 0-3 start.

The New York Jets were highly regarded as the team to possibly dethrone the New England Patriots going into the season, I guess they didn't get the memo because after three weeks of the season they look like a team that wouldn't be able to beat a college football team. The offensive schematics seems to be clear that they are just too predictable, not creative, and can't even seem to execute the plays in terms of the routes the receivers are supposed to run as well as the offensive line knowing who to block. During the post game press conference, Head Coach Adam Gase called out his players as well as himself by saying that the offense was "brutal" and "atrocious". Those are certainly an accurate assessment to describe a offense that hasn't scored a touchdown in back to back games.

To be fair the Jets are without 8 of their starters on both the offense and defense, including their franchise as well as their second string quarterbacks. With all of that happening, you can understand why the team isn't playing to their expectations. However, it is clear that it's not just the players executing the plays it is on Adam Gase as well. On a 3rd and 9 most teams would try to take a shot and hope something happens, where the Jets just run a wide receiver screen or a handoff to Le'veon Bell. I'm beginning to wonder why they didn't just keep Jeremy Bates, since they both are one the same page on offensive play calling.

The Jets will be on their bye next week, which will give them a week to get their starters back healthy for their week 5 matchup against the Eagles. From that point, the schedule will play into their favor so that they can string in a couple of wins. However the focus will be on Adam Gase and the rest of the coaching staff to figure out what will this teams identity will be as they try to rally the team in hopes to gain some confidence back before it's too late.

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