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Brandon Turner’s Best Bets: Week 3

Last week we went 1-2 bringing our season even at 3-3. 2 of those losses came from believing Mitch Trubisky could do anything on offense, someone please please stop me from betting on the Bears. Week 3, 3 new picks, no Bears, let’s go. Los Angeles Rams (-3.5) at Cleveland Browns ​Hidden in the Browns stomping of the Jets was the fact that the Browns really didn’t look good, especially on offense. The Jets were depleted and even when healthy are a flawed team and their incompetence covered up how poor most of Baker’s throws looked. The pre-season hype and the beating up of a hobbled opponent has given us a line that is more than palatable. Take the rams minus 3.5. New England Patriots (-21) vs New York Jets ​The Pats LOVE to run up the score. They will have plenty of opportunity as the Jets will be out multiple starters and are a far inferior team even when completely healthy. This will get out of hand quickly. Seattle Seahawks (-4.5) vs New Orleans Saints ​If this was in the Superdome this line might scare me but the thought of Teddy B and Taysom Hill trying to replace Brees IN Seattle leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy. Russel is quietly having a good start to the season and Payton won’t have enough tricks up his sleeve to pull this out. 

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