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  • Kevin Lidlow

How can the Jets avoid going 0-3 against the Patriots?

It has not been the greatest start to the season for the New York Jets as the last few weeks have been nothing but a blown sixteen point lead with a weak offensive performance to a ton of injuries and a illness that has caused their franchise quarterback to miss a significant amount of time. What's even worse is that this team is down to their third string quarterback and they are going up against the New England Patriots who are not only their division rivals but have scored a combined 76 points in the last two games as well as allowing only 3 points. There is no doubt that this has a blow out game all over the place, fans should be advised to not watch the game and watch the movie Heidi instead. However in light of what may seem a no contest type of game, there is always a chance even though it's very slim.

Luke Falk will get the start for the Jets after they lost both Sam Darnold and Trevor Siemien, so now he will have to go out there and have a big game against a very difficult Patriots defense. Last week, Falk completed 20 out of 25 passes for 198 yards to which he spread it throughout the field. Robby Anderson almost seemed to be his favorite target but knowing Bill Belichick he will force the opposing team to look at the other options. Falk is going to have to make sure that he goes through his progressions because the patriots will take away Anderson and Bell.

The passed as looked just as bad for the offensive line as they look completely clueless in terms of their blocking assignments and no communication at all. In order for Falk to go through his reads, the offensive line cannot allow the defense to hit him when he's attempting to drop back to throw. Ryan Khalil who is the veteran center should know that it starts with him to communicate with his teammates to assign who is blocking who, but so far that has not been the case and as a result the offense has been nonexistent. The Jets have gone 25 consecutive games without scoring a touchdown on the opening drive, the longest active streak in the NFL.

The Patriots offense has seem to be more explosive this year than they ever have before, the Jets defense needs to be disciplined when covering the receivers as well as the linebackers being aware of the running backs coming out the back field. They also have to do a better job with the open field tackling because the Patriots offense thrives on the yards after the catch, so if the defense can't bring down the receivers in the open it will be a long game.

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