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Jamal Adams: Pissed and Has Every Right to Be

Photo: New York Post

Brandon Turner

Jamal Adams has done everything in his power to make the New York Jets a winner. Since the day he walked in the building he’s been all in, and while we’d like to think every player approaches getting drafted that way, we’ve seen time and again how rare that is. Star players on bad teams demand trades, demand more money, or simply check out. Jamal has tried to be everything for the Jets. Recruiter, Face of the franchise, Leader, pass rusher, run blocker, coverage, whatever it takes to win. He’s had to sit there and watch draft after draft bring in little to no talent, free agents sign elsewhere, or the free agents who do sign treat the Jets like a retirement home. He never complains, runs out of energy, or plays at a level less than a pro-bowler. Late in the Jets blowout to the Browns, due to the sever lack of talent or depth on almost the entire roster, he was still trying his heart out to make a play and give the fans something ANYTHING to cheer about. He was too eager and drew a penalty, which his thin skinned fake tough guy defensive coordinator Greg Williams, used to bench him and teach the team “a lesson.” Williams likes to play like he is an old school hard-nosed coach, yet he spends all week running his mouth about another team’s wide receiver. He flaps his gums and beats his chest like he’s Rex Ryan 2.0 but fails at the one thing Rex got right over the years, defending his players. Jamal Adams clearly was demoralized by the benching and unfollowed the Jets on social media as well as took any mention of them out of his bio. How many of us would give our all for an incompetent company year after year and then get told we’re being made an example out of when something goes wrong? Greg Williams needs to get his head out of his ass and get his ego out of his job. If he breaks apart the Jets core before Joe Douglas has a chance to perform his rebuild he should never get another coaching job in the NFL. Bowles may not have been what the Jets needed at head coach but the team was always united behind him. Greg may have “coached better players” than Jamal, but Jamal has had better coaches than Greg and will again if Williams continues to alienate his defense. 

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