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  • Kevin Lidlow

Expectations for the Jets in their matchup against division rival Buffalo Bills.

Football is Back!! That's right ladies and gentleman, football weekend is officially back which means Sunday's are meaningful again. The New York Jets will open the 2019 season against their division rival Buffalo Bills at MetLife stadium. This is an important game for gang green not just because it's the first game of the year and it sets the tone for the season but because they have back to back games with teams who brought in a lot of talent over the off season and then the Patriots after that. Therefore, the Jets need come away with a win tomorrow against the Bills and here is what to expect.

Jets keys to victory:

1) Sam Darnold who is entering his second year will have to look at the deep ball, last year he completed only 77.6% of his throws and throughout the year as most of us know the Jets barely took any shots down the field. They have to be smart though because the Bills secondary ranked 3rd in the league last year in terms of opposing quarterbacks passer rating.

2) The Jets have to get to Josh Allen for him to force bad throws. Last year Allen's passer rating was 53% which was dead last in the league, to help him the Bills brought in John Brown and Cole Beasley. Beasley will help Allen in the middle of the field, so the Jets

will need to also utilize their linebackers and cover the middle of the field.

Gregg Williams will make his debut as the Jets defensive coordinator tomorrow and as we all know is known for making a big splash and I fully expect him to bring in some exotic blitzes to come after Josh Allen. Le'veon Bell will make his first appearance in a football uniform since sitting out last year and is also hungry to get back on the field.

It's exciting to see that football is back and even more exciting to see what this Jets team can do with their new roster, new front office, and new coaching staff. We have to hope that we see an improved Jets team that will have meaningful games December.

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