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  • Kevin Lidlow

With the lack of depth at Cornerback: Can the Jets newly found pass rush be enough?

   All playoff and super bowl contending teams have some type of weakness, but the difference with them is that they find some way to disguise that weakness to the naked eye of reporters and analysts that they don't talk about it as much until the next offseason. For example: One of the major weaknesses that the New England Patriots have is the lack of a true number 1 receiver, but they make up with it by having a future hall of famer at the helm in Tom Brady as well as the best coach in the history of the NFL. With that they find a way to cope it by strategizing their offensive schematics with pick routes and allowing the receivers to make a couple people miss after the catch. Last year the Rams weakness in the super bowl was overthinking the whole situation that they went away from what they did so well. The New York Jets are still not there to be considered a playoff contending team and with the amount of injuries at the cornerback position that was already thin as it is, puts the 2019 season in jeopardy. If the Jets want to be considered a playoff caliber team, they have to find some way to disguise their weakness at cornerback. 

    The Jets offense has the capability to put up 20+ points with their new offensive weapons in Le'veon Bell, Jamison Crowder, etc. but the game has to end at some point, therefore there will be a point where the defense has to make a big play to stop their opponent for getting the game winning touchdown or field goal. The cornerback position isn't something you can just put a band aid on and make it okay, but if the pass rush can get to the quarterback fast enough to at least hurry their throw then there is a chance. This team has plenty of young talent that we have seen in over a decade and everyone of them has potential to be great, but the time to be great needs to be now especially for guys on the defensive line because pass rush is another weakness that they have. 

  For Gregg Williams defense, he needs a cornerback that can play both man and zone. Unfortunately, they will have to either make a big trade (which they can't do because they don't have enough assets o pull it off), or hope that a team cuts a corner that might fit the Jets. Williams even preached about going with the next man up philosophy that we may see guys like Milez or Middleton step into the role, but that still may not be enough. The Jets pass rush will need to take it up a notch this season in order to cope with the lack of cornerback depth, which I think will be the biggest surprise going into this year. Although I don't see anyone having a double digit sack season, the defensive line will bring pressure to the opposing quarterbacks and I also see Joe Douglas making at least one more move to help with that. 

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