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  • Kevin Lidlow

Jets take Alabama DT Quinnen Williams with the NO. 3 pick

The New York Jets have strengthened their defensive line with the third overall pick by selecting Alabama's defensive tackle Quinnen Williams who is arguably the best player in this draft. After hearing throughout the week that the Jets wanted to trade down to gain some assets for not only day 2 in the draft this year but also a pick next year as well, and not to mention that their biggest need was an edge rusher to which they didn't cover during free agency. Make no mistake the Jets made the right call by taking Williams not only because he is the best player in the draft but the Jets may not have gotten what they would've hoped for by trading down.

Williams may not be an edge rusher, but with his upper body strength and length to stack and shed off blockers at the point of attack not only allow him to ruin plays from the snap of the ball but also has the ability to fire through gaps and fight off double teams. Williams will be paired up with the other Williams (Leonard Williams) and Steve McLendon, that can create a force on the interior and can be very beneficial for Big Cat because he wouldn't have to take on majority of the double teams and could be facing more one on one.

He also has terrific core strength, leg drive and use of leverage to drive would-be blockers into the backfield on simple bull rushes. Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams now has a new weapon on the defensive line and although his bread and butter is the 4-3 scheme, he said that the Jets would remain a 3-4. But with the addition of Williams he will have the luxury to go to his 4-3 scheme defense if he so chooses.

I will love to see how Gregg Williams uses Leonard, Quinnen, and McLendon on the same field together. All three can plug up any running lanes but like I said earlier, both Williams can generate a push on passing plays to get to the quarterback. The next thing I would like to see the Jets do is find a way to get into the second round so that they can strengthen up the offensive line now or even take an edge rusher.

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