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Interstate of Green: Mock Draft 3.0

Rich Wilhelm @koda522

1 Arizona Cardinals- Kyler Murray QB Oklahoma 2 San Francisco 49ers- Nick Bosa Edge Ohio State 3 New York Jets- Josh Allen Edge Kentucky 4 Oakland Raiders- Quinnen Williams DT Alabama 5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Devin White ILB LSU 6 New York Giants- Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State 7 Jacksonville Jaguars- Jawaan Taylor OT Florida 8 Detroit Lions- T.J Hockenson TE Iowa 9 Buffalo Bills- D.K. Metcalf WR Mississippi 10 Denver Broncos- Drew Lock QB Missouri 11 Cincinnati Bengals- Rashan Gary Edge Michigan 12 Green Bay Packers- Marquise Brown Wide Receiver Oklahoma 13 Miami Dolphins- Ed Oliver DT Houston 14 Atlanta Falcons- Montez Sweat Edge Mississippi State 15 Washington Redskins- Daniel Jones Quarterback Duke 16 Carolina Panthers- Brian Burns OLB Florida State 17 New York Giants- Clelin Ferrell DE Clemson 18 Minnesota Vikings- Jonah Williams OT Alabama 19 Tennessee Titans- Christian Wilkins Defensive Tackle Clemson 20 Pittsburgh Steelers- Greedy Williams Cornerback LSU 21 Seattle Seahawks- Chris Lindstrom G Boston College 22 Baltimore Ravens- Garrett Bradbury C NC State 23 Houston Texans- Andre Dillard OT Washington State 24 Oakland Raiders- Josh Jacobs RB Alabama 25 Philadelphia Eagles- Johnathan Abram S Mississippi State 26 Indianapolis Colts- Devin Bush ILB Michigan 27 Oakland Raiders- Byron Murphy CB Washington 28 Los Angeles Chargers- Cody Ford OT Oklahoma 29 Kansas City Chiefs- Deandre Baker CB Georgia 30 Green Bay Packers- Noah Fant TE Iowa 31 Los Angeles Rams- Dexter Lawrence DT Clemson 32 New England Patriots- Irv Smith Jr TE Alabama Kevin Lidlow @klidlow65 1 Arizona Cardinals: Kyler Murray QB Oklahoma: Since the Cardinals got a new coach, they will be likely to shop Rosen and take a guy Klingsbury would feel comfortable running his offense. 2 San Francisco 49ers: Quinnen Williams DT Alabama: The 49ers certainly made a splash by trading for Dee Ford from the Chiefs, therefore taking them out of getting a pass rusher so they take the best defensive tackle in this draft. 3 New York Giants: Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State: The Giants and the Jets made a trade which is almost unheard of but there’s a first for everything. Haskins would be a perfect fit for the Giants and with Eli possibly coming back for one more year, it would help him develop by sitting his first year. 4 Oakland Raiders: Nick Bosa DE Ohio State: Nick Bosa falling to four would be a dream come true for the Raiders as they find someone to replace Khalil Mack. 5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jawaan Taylor OT Florida: The Bucs will be thin at the offensive line after possibly losing Donovan Smith to free agency, I wouldn’t be surprised if Arians drafts Taylor here. 6 New York Jets: Josh Allen Edge Kentucky: The Jets gain some assets still get the other best edge rusher in the draft? This is the ideal scenario for the Jets who are trying to be a contender. 7 Jacksonville Jaguars: Rashan Gary edge Michigan: Unless Haskins or Murray are on the board, I can see the Jaguars taking a pass rusher like Gary. 8 Detroit Lions: Brian Burns edge Florida State: He’s got a similar style to Chandler Jones and he would fit the Lions biggest need in the offseason. Burns is a lanky and athletic pass rusher. 9 Buffalo Bills: Ed Oliver DT Houston: Oliver has been intriguing to say the least especially after putting up a 4.71 at his pro day. I think he earns a spot in the top 10 and the Bills I believe will grab him here. 10 Denver Broncos: T.J. Hockenson TE Iowa: The best tight end of this draft goes to a team that needs a solid receiving tight end who can be a force to be reckoned with in the middle of the field. 11 Cincinnati Bengals: Devin White LB LSU: Now that Burfict is out of Cincinnati, the Bengals will be looking for a new replacement to fill his shoes. White would be a nice addition to this ball club. 12 Green Bay Packers: Noah Fant TE Iowa: I think Fant is a better overall tight end who can block and catch passes which is something the Packers could use to compliment their offense. 13 Miami Dolphins: Drew Lock QB Missouri: Ryan Tannehill's time as a dolphin are numbered, therefore I can see new coach Brian Flores wanting to bring in his own guy in through the draft. 14 Atlanta Falcons: Jonah Williams OL Alabama: The Falcons need to boost up their offensive line that is getting older. Williams has the feet and hand skills to play both right or left tackle. 15 Washington Redskins: Daniel Jones QB Duke: Alex Smith will likely miss the entire 2019 season due to the injury he suffered last year, the biggest question is what would this team look like without a #1 WR and a QB? 16 Carolina Panthers: DK Metcalf WR Ole Miss: The Panthers might be losing Funchess to free agency and with Metcalf draft stock rising, I think Carolina takes him at 16. 17 New York Jets: Garrett Bradbury OL N.C. State: The Giants give up their second first round pick to get their quarterback, so now the Jets have the 17th pick and they get Bradbury who is a solid pass blocker and a great run blocker. The Jets need help on the interior line. 18 Minnesota Vikings: Greg Little OT Mississippi: The Vikings need to build up that offensive line if they want Kirk Cousins to succeed. 19 Tennessee Titans: Dexter Lawrence DT Clemson: He’s not a true pass rusher but he regularly works against double teams for majority of his snaps. He can help the Titans run game. 20 Pittsburgh Steelers: Byron Murphy CB Washington: Steelers could look to build their secondary through free agency and the draft. They will get a stud cornerback from Washington 21 Seattle Seahawks: Christian Wilkins DT Clemson: Wilkins should go higher in the draft but if he falls, the Seahawks get a versatile player with tremendous athletic ability. 22 Baltimore Ravens: AJ. Brown WR Ole Miss: The Ravens need to give Jackson some weapons if he is to succeed in the NFL. Brown would fit in a Ravens system that’s very run heavy. 23 Houston Texans: Andre Dillard OL Washington State: He is an Elite athlete at the left tackle position and the Texans need to find ways to keep Watson upright in the pocket. 24 Oakland Raiders: Devin Bush LB Michigan: An immediate upgrade to the Raiders LB situation, he can run sideline to sideline and his speed makes up for his lack of size. 25 Philadelphia Eagles: Josh Jacobs RB Alabama: The eagles are in need of a running back and with Jacobs being the best out of the group, him and Ajayi would prove to be an excellent Tandem. 26 Indianapolis Colts: Jerry Tilley DL Notre Dame: He has an explosive first step and his raw strength makes him very difficult to stop in the interior. A perfect addition to the Colts defense. 27 Oakland Raiders: DeAndre Baker CB Georgia: On tape he is the most competitive corners in college football. His grittiness and passion will be a great addition to the Raiders secondary. 28 Los Angeles Chargers: Rock Ya-Sin CB Temple: Scouts and analysts believe that he is a great fit for the Chargers because of his toughness and his speed that can help fortify their secondary. 29 Kansas City Chiefs: Greedy Williams CB LSU: Williams will be counted on once he gets the call at 29, his size, speed, and ball skills can be a great addition for the Chiefs that needs to boost their defense. 30 Green Bay Packers: Marquise Brown WR Oklahoma: Brown has good speed and can make plays when needed to. The Packers could look for someone like him to compliment Adams. 31 Los Angeles Rams: Jeffery Simmons DT Mississippi State: He tore his ACL at the combine, which could take him out of the first round but I can see the Rams giving him a chance. Simmons could be special when he’s healthy. 32 Arizona Cardinals(via Patriots): Kevin Harmon WR N.C. State: The Patriots will trade their first pick to Arizona and they will get Rosen. This pick will allow the Cardinals to draft a receiver to help their offense. Stephen Dubovy @stephendubovy 1. Arizona Cardinals – Kyler Murray, QB Oklahoma 2. San Francisco 49ers - Nick Bosa, EDGE Ohio State 3. New York Jets – Josh Allen, EDGE Kentucky 4. Oakland Raiders - Quinnen Williams DT, Alabama 5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Ed Oliver, DL Houston 6. New York Giants – Montez Sweat, EDGE Mississippi State 7. Jacksonville Jaguars – Jawaan Taylor, OT Florida 8. Detroit Lions – Brian Burns, EDGE Florida State 9. Buffalo Bills – D.K. Metcalf, WR Ole Miss 10. Denver Broncos - Devin White, LB LSU 11. Cincinnati Bengals - Dwayne Haskins, QB Ohio State 12. Green Bay Packers - T.J. Hockenson, TE Iowa 13. Miami Dolphins – Jeffery Simmons, DL Mississippi State 14. Atlanta Falcons - Rashan Gary, DL Michigan 15. Washington Redskins – Drew Lock, QB Missouri 16. Carolina Panthers - Deionte Thompson, S Alabama 17. New York Giants - Daniel Jones , QB Duke 18. Minnesota Vikings - Jonah Williams, OT Alabama 19. Tennessee Titans - Noah Fant, TE Iowa 20. Pittsburgh Steelers – Deandre Baker, CB Georgia 21. Seattle Seahawks - David Edwards, OT Wisconsin 22. Baltimore Ravens - Kelvin Harmon, WR North Carolina State 23. Houston Texans - Andre Dillard, OT Washington State 24. Oakland Raiders - Clelin Ferrell, EDGE Clemson 25. Philadelphia Eagles - Greg Little, OT Ole Miss 26. Indianapolis Colts - Raekwon Davis, DL Alabama 27. Oakland Raiders - Mack Wilson, LB Alabama 28. Los Angeles Chargers - Jerry Tillery, DL Notre Dame 29. Kansas City Chiefs - Amani Oruwariye, CB | Penn State 30. Green Bay Packers - Devin Bush, LB Michigan 31. Los Angeles Rams – Dexter Lawerence DT, Clemson 32. New England Patriots – Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, DB Florida David Dubovy @daviddubovy 1. Arizona Cardinals: Kyler Murray- QB, Oklahoma 2. San Francisco 49ers: Nick Bosa- DE, Ohio State 3. *Washington Redskins: Dwayne Haskins- QB, Ohio State *Jets trade their 3rd overall pick to the Redskins for their 15th overall pick and more 4. Oakland Raiders: Quinnen Williams- DT, Alabama 5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Josh Allen- DE/LB, Kentucky 6. New York Giants: Rashan Gary- DE, Michigan 7. Jacksonville Jaguars: Montez Sweat- DE/ LB, Mississippi State 8. Detroit Lions: Devin White- LB, LSU 9. Buffalo Bills: D.K. Metcalf- WR, Ole Miss 10. Denver Broncos: Drew Lock- QB, Missouri 11. Cincinnati Bengals: Devin Bush- LB, Michigan 12. Green Bay Packers: Noah Fant- TE, Iowa 13. Miami Dolphins: Ed Oliver- DT, Houston 14. Atlanta Falcons: Greedy Williams- CB, LSU 15. *New York Jets: Clelin Ferrell- DE, Clemson 16. Carolina Panthers: Jawaan Taylor- OT, Florida 17. New York Giants: Daniel Jones- QB, Duke 18. Minnesota Vikings: Andre Dillard- OT, Washington State 19. Tennessee Titans: Christian Wilkins- DT, Clemson 20. Pittsburgh Steelers: T.J. Hockenson- TE, Iowa 21. Seattle Seahawks: Cody Ford- OT, Oklahoma 22. Baltimore Ravens: N’Neal Harry- WR, Arizona State 23. Houston Texans: Jonah Williams- OT, Alabama 24. Oakland Raiders: Josh Jacobs- RB, Alabama 25. Philadelphia Eagles: Deandre Baker- CB, Georgia 26. Indianapolis Colts: Brian Burns- LB, Florida State 27. Oakland Raiders: Dexter Lawerence- DT, Clemson 28. Los Angeles Chargers: Marquise Brown- WR, Oklahoma 29. Kansas City Chiefs: Mack Wilson- LB, Alabama 30. Green Bay Packers: Byron Murphy- CB, Washington 31. Los Angeles Rams: Dalton Risner- OL, Kansas State 32. New England Patriots: Irv Smith- TE, Alabama Brandon Turner @badsustinere 1. Kyler Murray. QB Arizona Cardinals. This is happening. 2. Nick Bosa. EDGE San Francisco 49ers. Bosa=best prospect in draft. Kyle Shanahan=best coach not named Belichick in football. Bosa=49er. 3. Josh Allen. EDGE New York Jets. Maccagnan’s failure in free agency to shore up the Jets needs despite having the cash to do so, essentially forces them to chase needs or punt this season for 2020. They need an EDGE and a Center or they will not be competitive in the AFC East. Period. Luckily, they shouldn’t have to go settling for subpar prospects to fulfill both those needs. Allen IS going to be a productive pass rusher in the NFL and probably sooner rather than later. 4. Quinnen Williams. EDGE Oakland Raiders. The Raiders are comfortable that the amount of picks they have and the amount of good edge rushers in the draft that they can find one at a good price without reaching here. They take the best prospect and start a scary rebuild. 5. Devin White. DL Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Apparently the worst kept secret in the NFL is that the Bucs already have Devin White’s jersey printed and ready to go. 6. Drew Lock. QB New York Giants. Now there’s a ton of smoke saying the Giants don’t like Haskins. I wonder why that could be. I give them a QB more to their tastes. Saquon, a disgruntled fan base (and talent strapped team) turns its lonely eyes to you. 7. Jawaan Taylor. OT Jacksonville Jaguars. Make Foles feel safe and comfy. 8. Rashan Gary. EDGE Detroit Lions. Ansah is visiting with the Bills which means the Leos will need a new threat on the edge. 9. Montez Sweat. EDGE Buffalo Bills. So IF the Bills sign Ansah this pick might become something else, but I’ve got like 50 EDGES to find homes for so this big fella is heading up to join the rest of the Night’s Watch in entertaining the drunk into a zombified stupor Bill’s pregame white-walkers. 10. Dwayne Haskins. QB Denver Broncos. Again I’m going to point out that John Elway seems to think every QB possesses the finer points of being a QB (almost none do) and seeks to find guys with lots of athletic traits. That fits my man Haskins to a T. Maybe it’ll work out this time but one day Elway has to realize that the mental aspect of playing QB doesn’t come as easily as it did to him. 11. D.K. Metcalf. WR Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals are so poorly run that they’ll ignore their league worst defense and see another fun toy for the mediocre Andy Dalton to play with. For people wondering how this can be, their ownership is terrible and lets the front office and coaching staff be as mediocre as it wants. They’re barely paying attention. The fans should consider buying some banners to fly over practice. 12. Ed Oliver DL Green Bay Packers. The Packers see a need and the best player meet here as they get the versatile Ed Oliver. He can cover a lot of holes for them all over the D line. Hopefully he gets along with Aaron. 13. Jonah Williams OT Miami Dolphins. Step 1 Get lineman now. Step 2 Let Fitz tank you to a new QB in 2020. Step 3 Fitz plays well enough that half the fan base wants to keep him and you end up with a middling pick you can’t turn into a QB. Step 4. ??????? 14. Cody Ford. OT Atlanta Falcons. Ford looked like a ballerina at the combine. Effortlessly smooth in a huge body. Mock 3.0 New comment: He really did, kid was smooth. 15. Brian Burns. EDGE Washington Redskins. In this mock I assume the Redskins are trading for Josh Rosen and have them taking advantage of the excellent edge depth in the draft. If they….you know….wanted to trade with the Jets instead and give us a bevy of picks while we still get Brian Burns on the EDGE that would be cool too…..if they wanted to anyway…no big deal. 16. Clelin Ferrell. EDGE Carolina Panthers. The Panthers went to the playoffs when they were sacking the hell out of everybody. This is a lost year while someone replaces whatever tape is holding Cam’s shoulder together so they might as well load up on a position for the future. 17. Taylor Rapp. S New York Giants. Rapp is a versatile player who will help New York start to replace all the talent that’s left their secondary over the years. 18. Andre Dillard. OT Minnesota Vikings. Vikings window= now. Worst positon group last season = O line. They take O line and pray Cousins plays better. 19. Noah Fant. TE Tennessee Titans. Tight end is a popular pick for the Titans as Mariota loves having one and really suffered after Delanie Walker struggled with injuries last season. 20. Mack Wilson. LB Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers desperately need linebacker help and they reach for a player from a premier program they feel can contribute right away. What are the chances he holds out year 1? 21. Greedy Williams. CB Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks continue to rebuild their once vaunted defense with a shutdown corner. They pray Russel Wilson doesn’t leave before they can finish rebuilding. 22. A.J. Brown. WR Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens got Lamar Jackson a RB and now they give him some receiver help. 23. Byron Murphy. CB Houston Texans. Murphy is on the smaller size but his technique is clean. 24. Jachai Polite. EDGE. Oakland Raiders. “EVERYONE KNOWS POLITE IS FALLING TO THE 3rd!” Ok but like if there was one knucklehead who drafted him in the 1st wouldn’t it be Gruden? 25. Josh Jacobs. RB Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles offense is better when it has a running game it can lean on. EAGLES RUN THE OFFENSE YOU RUN WHEN FOLES COMES IN, and yes IT IS DIFFERENT. Stop letting Carson Wentz do so much. 26. N’Keal Harry, WR Indianapolis Colts. The Colts get a receiver to compliment T.Y. Hilton and Eric Ebron. The Colts dynasty begins here. 27. T.J. Hockenson, TE Oakland Raiders. The Raiders have nothing at TE currently so they would be thrilled to round out their huge first round with a complete TE that can take over the league. The rest of the league sighs with relief that he doesn’t fall to the Patriots. 28. Greg Little, OT Los Angeles Chargers. The Chargers have a need at tackle and they reach for someone they feel has the athleticism to open running lanes for Melvin Gordon. 29. Johnathan Abram, S. Kansas City Chiefs. Versatile safety. Helps Mathieu (who isn’t as good as people think) round out their secondary. 30. Nasir Adderley, S Green Bay Packers. Back to back safeties. 31. Jerry Tillery DT, Los Angeles Rams. With Fowler resigned I’ve switched this to a young DT who can replace Suh. 32. Christian Wilkins, DL. New England Patriots. Wilkins receives rave reviews for his character and work ethic, sounds like the kind of guy Belichick likes to fill his teams with. Alberto Torres @CYTA2013 1.  Arizona Cardinals-QB Kyler Murray 2. 49ers- CB Greedy Williams 3. Oakland Raiders *Trade with the NY Jets- Edge Nick Bosa 4. NY Jets- Edge Josh Allen 5.Tampa Bay Buccaneers- LB Devin White  6. NY Giants- OT Jawaan Taylor 7. Jacksonville Jaguars- QB Dwayne Haskins  8. Detroit Lions- CB Byron Murph 9. Buffalo Bills- DL Quinnen Williams 10. Denver Broncos- DL Ed Oliver 11. Cincinnati Bengals- TE T.J. Hockenson  12.Green Bay Packers- TE Noah Fant 13. Miami Dolphins- Edge Rashan Gary 14. Atlanta Falcons- Edge Montez Sweat  15. Washington Redskins- WR D.K. Metcalf 16. Carolina Panthers- Edge Brian Burns 17. NY Giants- QB Drew Lock 18. Minnesota Vikings OT-Andre Dillard 19. Tennessee Titans IOL- Cody Ford 20. Pittsburgh Steelers- LB Devin Bush 21. Seattle Seahawks- Edge Clelin Ferrell 22. Baltimore Ravens- IOL- Garrett Bradbury  23.Houston Texans- OT Jonah Williams 24. Oakland Raiders- CB- DeAndre Baker 25. Philadelphia Eagles- DT- Christian Wilkins 26. Indianapolis Colts- WR N’Keal Harry  27. Oakland Raiders- QB Daniel Jones 28. LA Chargers- WR Hakeem Butler 29. Kansas City Chiefs- LB Mack Wilson 30. Green Bay Packers- S Chauncey Gardner-Johnson 31. LA Rams IDL- Jerry Tillery 32. New England Patriots WR AJ Brown

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