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Exploring Possible Trade Options for the Jets at the NFL Draft

   The NFL Draft is about a month away and there is a lot of curiosity going around wondering what the Jets are going to do with the 3rd overall pick. Whether they take the best player available which could be Bosa, Allen, or even Williams; maybe they decide to gain some assets and trade back down in the draft. But one thing for sure is that the Jets don't have to draft a quarterback or even talk about one because they have their guy in Sam Darnold, that is something to feel good about Jets fans because for the last decade the Jets were always in talks about possibly getting a quarterback up until last year. Therefore their next focus should be on building the rest of the team and stock piling on some players who could play a role on this team especially getting our second year quarterback some offensive weapons as well as some lineman to help protect him in the pocket. 

    They could also use a pass rusher, which like a quarterback has been the Jets biggest need for over 10 years. The last good pass rusher the Jets had that they drafted was John Abraham and Shaun Ellis. Both players are now retired from the NFL and now it's time to fill that hole with a draft that's full of talented defensive tackles and pass rushers. The Jets could possibly get the best defensive end in this draft, Nick Bosa from Ohio State or even Outside linebacker/edge rusher Josh Allen from the university at Kentucky. Either one will prove to be a tremendous asset for the Jets and not to mention that there is a very good chance they could get one of those two after what transpired during the free agency period, the 49ers traded for Dee Ford and the Cardinals potentially drafting yet another quarterback in Kyler Murray.

    That possibility would be nice no doubt; However, it would be also wonderful if the Jets could possibly trade back and grab some more draft picks from a team that desperately needs a quarterback like the Giants, Redskins, and even the Dolphins. The Jets go into this draft with only five picks (one first, one third, fourth, fifth, and seventh), it would be very difficult to build some depth on your roster with that many picks and they would have to nail every single one of them as well. There is a possibility that they could trade with the Giants or Dolphins, but would they want to help their rivals get their franchise alternately player? My guess would be a no for the Dolphins but maybe the Giants, if the price is right. Let's take a look at what each of these teams could include with there trades: 

New York Giants Receive: Jets 3rd overall pick, third round pick.

New York Jets receive: Giants 6th overall pick, 17th overall pick (via Cleveland), and a second round pick.

 Last year when the Jets traded with the Indianapolis Colts for the 3rd overall pick, the Jets had to give up their 6th overall pick and three second round picks (two in 2018, and one in 2019.) I could see the Giants trading their two first round picks and a second to get the third overall pick, I could also trying to pitch one of their first round picks, a second, and maybe a player that fits the Jets need. Normally the Jets and Giants never trade nor would they ever be in talks about one, but I can see that change with a package like this because it would give the Jets some more assets to go after some key player to fill a hole in their roster or even take the best available. 

  Washington Redskins Receive: Jets third overall pick. 

  New York Jets receive: Redskins 15th overall pick, 46th, 76, 96, a 2020 pick, and Trent Williams. 

To jump from 15 to 3 would be a very heavy price to pay for the Redskins, but they have enough to do it. They are in need of a rookie quarterback because Keenum and Smith won't be there for much longer, so if they want to get Dwayne Haskins or any of the Quarterbacks they like in this draft the Redskins would have to pay up. For the Jets it would be a nice deal for them even though they would fall out of the top ten, they could still get a good pass rusher and would gain even more picks to build this roster. No to mention that they would also receive a stud offensive tackle in Trent Williams who is only 30 years old and still has a lot of football left. I would definitely consider this trade if I were Mike Maccagnan. 

  Both of these teams need a quarterback but there could be other teams that may want to trade up to the Jets spot, but it comes down to how much are they willing to give up. The Jets are open to trading down in the draft, but should Bosa or Allen be available at 3 then they shouldn't hesitate. 

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