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Brandon Turner’s Best Bets: Championship Sunday

Both the AFC and NFC championship games are complete toss ups, with Vegas giving the standard -3 to the home teams. If you’re a masochist and actually want to bet on these games, we got you covered. Los Angeles Rams (+3) at New Orleans Saints The last time these teams played, the Saints came out on top. The big difference though is that the Rams have gotten a lot of defensive players back since then, including Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib. Meanwhile the Saints have lost one of their key players, Sheldon Rankins, since then. That could be the difference in what will be a tight game featuring two premier rushing offenses. New England Patriots (+3) at Kansas City Chiefs

I would give anything in the world to be wrong about this. I desperately want the Patriots to fall short of the Super Bowl and watch future MVP Mahomes move on. The facts, though, are that Bill Belichick builds his teams to beat who he thinks his likely playoff opponents will be. When the Jets gave him fits with their premier corners and big D line a decade ago, he built an offense predicated on short quick passes over the middle to shifty receivers, running backs, and a gigantic tight end. He knew that trying to run up the middle or trying to challenge Revis and Cromartie all game was suicide. Now he’s seen that his QB is older, his owner forced him to stick with him rather than move on to the potential of Jimmy Garropolo. So he built a team designed to beat the high flying offenses in the AFC such as the Steelers or the Chiefs without trying to keep up with them. The Patriots have two excellent corners that can keep the Chiefs from scoring quick, fast points as well as a bruising running game that will eat the clock and allow the Patriots to keep Mahomes off the field. Mahomes will have to show he’s truly an MVP to pull this one off, we’re all praying he does but betting he doesn’t. 

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