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Brandon Turner’s Best Bets: Week 12

We took it on the chin last week going 0-3 to bring our overall record to 19-18-2 but on the brightside we nailed our personal bets for the Thanksgiving games so maybe better times are ahead this Sunday. We got four road teams we like going into week 12. New York Giants (+5) at Philadelphia Eagles

The Giants are still a bad team. They’ve been playing horrendous defenses that allow Eli to win off the strengths of his two star playmakers winning their individual assignments over and over. I think this game will be another one just like those. The Eagles are missing all 4 of their starters in the secondary and it’s hard to see how anyone is going to cover Odell Beckham. Throw in that we are getting 5 points and this feels like a fairly safe bet.

New England Patriots (-10) at New York Jets

The Patriots got embarrassed right before they went into a bye week. So you can expect that Belichick and co. have been lighting a fire and preparing their team to not have another trap week against the Jets. Add in that Darnold is out and Gronk is back in and it’s easy to see the Pats covering this spread.

Cleveland Browns (+1) at Cincinnati Bengals

The Browns have looked much better since they moved on from Hue Jackson (who went to the Bengals) and have been especially strong on offense. The Bengals on the other hand have scuffled without AJ Green and have the league’s worst defense. AJ Green might be able to gut it out and play this week but this feels like two teams going in different directions. Take the Browns plus the point.

San Francisco 49ers (+1.5) at Tampa Bay Bucaneers

The Niners have held tough in just about every game they’ve played thanks to the genius of Kyle Shanahan. His offensive schemes draw water from stone and the niners defense is underrated up front. On the flip side the Buccaneers are headed up by the incompetent Dirk Koetter and are back to playing Jameis at QB. When two bad teams play each other, bet on the better coach. 

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