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  • Kevin Lidlow

Two struggling teams looking for answers on offense square off as Bills take on the Jets

Two teams in the re-building stage square off tomorrow as the New York Jets will take on the Buffalo Bills at Metlife stadium in what should be a very boring game because both these teams have been struggling on offense. We don't even get to see the two rookie quarterbacks due to injuries, one of them coming as a shock as Jets rookie Sam Darnold has suffered an ankle sprain during last weeks loss to the Miami Dolphins, therefore Josh McCown will make his 2018 debut. While the Bills are having similar problems at quarterback with their rookie quarterback Josh Allen will miss his fourth straight game after injuring his throwing arm against the Houston Texans, So they will turn to Matt Barkley making it their fourth quarterback to start for this team during the 2018 season.

The Bills (2-7) have been one of the league's worst at least offensively as they are ranked 32nd in points scored this season (per football reference), and are averaging at least 10 points per game. They haven't scored over 20 points since their win against the Minnesota Vikings. The defense on the other hand as been fairly good, they average about 313.7 (3rd) yards through the air and 101.7 (11th) yards rushing total this season. There's no question that this team has been having one of the worst seasons in their franchise history, and it might seem to get even worse due to the fact that outside of LeSean McCoy this team lacks the talent offensively and Bills fans are upset because they haven't done anything to improve it.

The Jets (3-6) on the other hand have shown promise of being a good offense but injuries and lack of good consistent play calling have really hurt the development of Sam Darnold and the offense in general. In the passed three games, the Jets have scored a total of thirty-three points and there isn't any excuse to make for why this team can't get the ball in the end-zone. They are ranked 22nd in the league for points scored, while 28th in passing yards put up and 17th in rushing yards total. For one thing they have abandoned the run game completely forcing Darnold to throw it 30 times a game and they can't even get creative in the aspect. If you watched the Dolphins game and looked at the formations and route the receivers ran, it was mostly empty backfields and curl routes. They even ran the same play multiple times in that game! it is ridiculous of how this coaching staff has made the play calling and how they have handled this tough situations like not taking out Spencer Long who suffered a hand injury and couldn't snap the ball to his quarterback.

Aside from that, the defense has been doing fairly well through the season, as they are ranked 16th in points allowed, and 13th in passing yards as well as rushing yards allowed. I expect that success to carry over into tomorrow against a struggling Bills offense.

This is without a doubt a game where the Jets should and have to win this game because although these two teams are in rebuilding mode, the jets are a year above the bills in the process and are much more talented. Not to mention that they have won 3 out of the last four meetings against the Bills as well and have put up over 30.6 points in the last seven of eight meetings between these two teams while the Jets are at home (per football reference).

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