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  • Kevin Lidlow

Offense shines again as Jets get back to .500 with a win against the Colts

Another incredible performance leads to the second straight victory for gang green as they came out victorious against the Indianapolis Colts by a score of 42 to 34. In two games the Jets offense has put up a total of 76 points under rookie quarterback Sam Darnold as he seems to get better and better as the season progresses and he finished the game going 24/30 for 280 yards, 2 TD’s and an interception. Not to mention he completely picked apart the Indianapolis defense, even though he threw a bad interception to safety Malik Hooker where it didn’t reach Robby Anderson but he continuously came back and played like a vet. That is something we should get excited about.

Head coach Todd Bowles said during his press conference that last years team would’ve lost this game, and quite frankly I think it was very accurate because of the inexperience of this team last year but you can see that this team should experience and made plays like the Morris Claiborne pick six that Jamal Adams tipped in the air. The defense overall was able to create four turnovers as they continue to get the turnovers to help their team. However, they haven’t produced a sack all game but Leonard Williams had three QB hits, but they still need a pass rush especially when they play good teams. Let’s see who gets the gold star from this game.

Gold Star:

Sam Darnold: Despite the bad interception, I thought Sam Darnold had a terrific game and he continues to look stronger as the season progresses. His passer rating even improved last week as he completed 80% of his passes. If he can have this performance against the Vikings this week, it will be truly be impressive against that still tough secondary.

Darron Lee: Darron Lee seems to having a big year as he had another big game. He recorded 8 total tackles and an interception. He is really filling in to the middle linebacker spot and silencing the people who criticized him.

Jason Myers: Jets have scored 42 points total, and half of them came from Myers as he went a perfect 7 for 7 in field goals. He helped this team pull away from the game.

An honorable mention goes to the Colts linebacker Leonard who looked really good yesterday and I think they have a good linebacker on their hands. Jets will play their last home game from their three game home stand against the Minnesota Vikings who are a very good team, despite not playing up to the standards we hoped. The Jets would need to have Johnson back as they are facing Diggs and Thielen.

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