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  • Kevin Lidlow

Jets win big against the Denver Broncos

Jets win by impressive fashion as they beat the Broncos 34-16 The New York Jets get one in the win column today as they dominated the Denver Broncos 34 to 16 in what had seemed to be another bad game from the start after a Powell fumble then a missed field by Jason Myers but they were able to bounce back and scored 21 unanswered points in the first half, thanks to a 77 yard touchdown run by Crowell and a 76 yard pass from Darnold to Anderson who finally got involved in the offense today. Defense were better today after they too started off bad but got better as the game progressed.

This was the game the Jets needed, after losing 3 out of their four games, this was a more sounded team compared to previous weeks. Not to make excuses but a team can’t simply get better after back to back short weeks, I don’t see any NFL having the same situation. The Jets have two more home games and it will not be easy as they host the Indianapolis Colts and the Minnesota Vikings so this will be their test to see if they are actually better or not. This week, I’m going to start a new thing by giving a star to a the players who really stood out in todays game. Players who get a star:

Isaiah Crowell gets the number 1 star with his 15 carries for 219 yards and a touchdown, not only that but he lit up a spark for this offense as they looked a different team after that run.

Robby Anderson gets one has well because of him finally being the player that we knew he could be, he stretched the defense and provided the deep threat that he was so excellent last year. He finished the game with 3 catches for 123 yards and 2 touchdowns. Anderson will need to continue this next week against the Colts.

Leonard Williams gets my final star because he was impossible to stop today as he was able to record two and a half sacks and 3 QB hits. The three year vet finally became the player that we know he could be and we hope he can carry it over into next week as well.

Darnold and Bowles get the honorable mentions today as well. The rookie still needs to improve his completion percentage but half of those incompletions came from the receivers dropping the ball. But throughout the game I thought Bowles had a great game plan, as he was very aggressive with the blitz packages and the offense opening up the playbook.

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