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Jets take on the Denver Broncos as the first of a three game home stead

Jets get set to take on the Denver Broncos as they return home for second time this season.

The Jets (1-3) look to get a victory against the Denver Broncos (2-2), in a game that is a must win for both teams. In order to do that both teams are going to rely on the quarterbacks to have a big performance since both have been struggling throughout the last three weeks of the season. For the Jets, it’s not as surprising since they decided to go with rookie Sam Darnold as the starting quarterback and we interpreted that he was going to have growing pains. However, his stats indicate that it could be a lot worse than it already is as he has throw 4 TD’s and 5 interceptions for 868 yards to go along with a 57% completion percentage. It’s a different story for Broncos quarterback Case Keenum as expectations were a little higher, so far throughout the first four weeks his stats are 87-141 for 988 yards, 3 TD’s and 6 interceptions with a better completion rating of 61.7%. He’s coming off a very impressive season with the Vikings last year but so far he hasn’t been the same this year, but I think he will pick things up against this banged up secondary of the Jets.

What to expect:

Brandon Shell vs Von Miller: Aside from the quarterbacks looking to make a bounce back, the Jets won’t be able to do that if Miller is in the backfield every play disrupting the Jets rhythm. Needless to say Brandon Shell will have his hands full so the Jets may have a tight end chip him to help the right tackle.

Offensive play calling will be more creative: Offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates’ play calling this year including the season opener has been abysmal, with the screen passes and other short intermediate routes it seems as though they are keeping a short leash on Darnold. But that will change on sunday when they play the Broncos secondary.

A fresh new Robby Anderson: Robby Anderson hasn’t been quite the same since 63 reception season and part of it has to do with the Jets not looking at him on throws, and even when he did, he put the ball on the ground. After he found out that he will not be suspended by the NFL, Anderson will have no cloud over his head and can focus on football. That being said, Anderson will have a big game on Sunday as well as Jermaine Kearse.

The Jets are favored in this game, but it will be no picnic. Even though the Broncos have struggled in back to back weeks, they are still a very competitive team that you may not want to look twice. Defensively they will be without Trumaine Johnson, and they are going to need him with the receiving corps they have. If the Jets were to win this game, they need to be disciplined defensively and gain sustainable drives that ends up with 7 points.

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