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Brandon Turner’s Best Bets: Week 5

We struggled again last week as the best we could manage was a push with the Cleveland Browns. Honestly it’s what we deserve for trusting Ryan Tannehill and the Miami Dolphins in a big game. Undaunted, we have 3 picks this week to right the shup and put money in your pocket.

Denver Broncos (-1) at New York Jets Kudos to you if you got your bet in when the line was Broncos +1. Not too much to say here other than the Broncos are clearly the better team and swallowing only one point helps in what could be a low scoring affair.

Minnesota Vikings (+3) at Philadelphia Eagles I’m just trying to picture the Eagles secondary covering Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs here and it’s pretty difficult. Jalen Mills is getting burned weekly and the rest of the backfield isn’t faring much better. Fletcher Cox will make his presence known a few times but if Cousins line gives him any time he should be able to keep the Vikings in the game.

Carolina Panthers (-6.5) vs New York Giants The Panthers beat the Cowboys by 8 points and the Bengals by ten points and both of those teams are better than the Giants. They’ve been good after a bye week in recent years and are at home. They’ve uncharacteristically been bad against the run this season so there’s always a chance Barkley puts the Giants on his back and pulls out a win but it’s not likely. 

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