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Brandon Turner’s Best Bets: Week 3

We had a rough week 2 that left us slightly up at 3-2-1 for the year but that will be the liftoff as there are some tasty options for week 3 with some favorites enjoying small spreads vs inferior competition.

Green Bay Packers (-3) @ Washington Redskins

The Vikings are probably the best team in the AFC. They have a legit franchise QB surrounded by weapons with a dominating defense and yet it till took some unbelievably ballsy (and lucky) late game throws from Kirk Cousins just for the Vikings to TIE the Packers. Meanwhile these Redskins just got dominated by a hapless Colts team that still has a ton of holes on the roster. Andrew Luck’ shoulder still looks to be getting its strength back as he dinks and dunks down the field. Rodgers on the other hand looked a lot healthier than expected last week and will give the Redskins way more than they can handle if they couldn’t keep Luck in check.

Chicago Bears (-5.5) @ Arizona Cardinals

Look same story as last week, Mitch Trubisky is holding this Bears team back but it doesn’t really matter when their defense is playing as dominating as they are right now. The Cardinals have scored 6 points this season. 6, all season, against good not great defenses. Can you imagine the havoc Khalil Mack and co are about to cause this Sunday? Tubisky doesn’t need to be great when his defense will likely give him multiple turnovers and maybe score some points themselves. We’re getting less than a TD spread in a game that should be almost as ugly as Jacksonville vs Buffalo. Swallow the points.

Denver Broncos (+5.0) @ Baltimore Ravens

Are we sure the Ravens are better than the Broncos? If so are they 5 points better? I feel this line is based on the Ravens ability to stop the run and a lack of faith in Case Keenum. Keenum likely will struggle but so will Flacco and in a game with two good defenses where field goals will be at a premium I’ll take 5 free points every time.

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