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Brandon Turner’s Best Bets: Week 1

Welcome back to Brandon’s Best bets where we focus on a few bets each week of the NFL season that we think can win you some of that sweet cash. The start of any NFL season is the most dangerous time to bet, as until we see them in real action, it’s hard to gauge where these teams stand. The Falcons +2 was the betting worlds consensus smart bet going into game number one because gamblers can’t resist a starter vs a backup with a 2 point kicker. Lo and behold Matt Ryan and the Falcons offense haven’t fixed their problems from 2017 and Philly still has that IT factor even after a disastrous pre-season. We have what we think are 3 safe bets to get some early money in week 1 and avoid the same pitfall that caught Atlanta bettors. Cincinnati Bengals +2 @ Indianapolis Colts It feels like there is just a little too much excitement for Andrew Luck’s return in this betting line. The Colts are still an awful team people. They’re starting 2 rookies on the offensive line and went and got ex jets guard Matt Slauson and now everyone is declaring their woeful O-line issues solved. Luck’s velocity is still way down, they don’t have weapons outside of TY Hilton, and their defense is still awful. The Colts and the Bengals both can’t stop the run and I think whoever establishes a running game will take this game over. I have more faith in Joe Mixon and Gio Bernard than Wilkens or Mack or whoever they get to plod out 2 yard runs all game for Indy. If the Bengals running game disappoints…..again….then picture A.J.Green versus the team that gave up the most passing yards per attempt last season. Yaaah, put your money on the bengals with an eased mind.

Jacksonville Jaguars -3 at New York Giants This was a game I wanted to stay away from until I saw Olivier Vernon was out. The Giants have the tools to jam up the Jaguars running game and Blake Bortles is ill-equipped to handle an aggressive pass rush but with time in the pocket and lots of play action he should be able to keep up with his defense working overtime to shut down all of NY’s weapons. The Giants have a lot of new toys but until they show that Eli can make them all work versus an elite defense, stick with the team you know is good.

Denver Broncos -3 vs Seattle Seahawks I feel the only reason were getting this juicy line is we have yet to see the new Denver Broncos and thus there is still a question mark there. We have seen these Seahawks regress further and further every year as bad drafts, fighting over cap space, and diva attitudes have ripped the former Super Bowl winning team apart. Seattle’s awful offensive line forces Russel Wilson to run for his life and Chris Carson to produce with no running lanes. Meanwhile the once vaunted legion of boom is a whimpering pup of its former self. Hoping to bend and not break so their star QB has a chance to keep them in the game. Yes it’s true the Seahawks have improved their offensive line and they’re going into the season with warm and fuzzy feelings about it but the Denver Broncos pass rush can change that real fast. Von Miller is the best pass rusher in the league and the Broncos took arguably the top overall defensive player in the draft Bradley Chubb who will also be getting after the Quarterback. On the offensive side the Broncos have been keeping themselves in games for years with absolutely nothing at the QB position. Taking into consideration how bad Peyton Manning looked in his final year, Case Keenum might be their best QB in a long time. This team finally has some balance and if Royce Freeman can play up to his potential could be really dangerous this year. Swallow the 3 points and watch Miller and Chubb go to work. 

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