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Eagles vs. Patriots: Preseason Week 2 Recap by Ryan Neal

The Philadelphia Eagles record fell to 0-2 this preseason after they lost to the New England Patriots 37-20. Overall it wasn’t the great performance by the Eagles. On the other side, a few players made the most of their chance. But first, let’s recap the game. Before stepping on the field, quarterback Nate Sudfeld inherited an offense which was going nowhere. Nick Foles made his debut this preseason but was given no help from his offensive line. Ultimately, Foles left the game with a shoulder strain and that’s when Sudfeld stepped in. Being on of the few players to shine, Sudfeld scored all three of the Eagles touchdowns, connecting on three beautiful passes. The first touchdown was to tight end Richard Rodgers and the throw was a dime off of Sudfeld’s back foot. The second touchdown went to wide receiver Shelton Gibson on yet another dime. And, to compete the hat trick, Sudfeld found Rashard Davis for the third touchdown. Sudfeld continued his hot training camp and preseason with a very strong outing. But, the moral of this story is the Eagles just didn’t look good. The offense was sloppy all night and the defense struggled to stop the Patriots all night. Defensively the Eagles weren’t up to par and offensively the Eagles just weren’t good. The offensive line couldn’t block, which is a major concern for the team. Yes it’s preseason, but you’d imagine even in these games you want your offensive line playing it’s best. Big V had a shocker at left tackle, and the interior run game was non existent. Along with Sudfeld, Gibson was a standout on the offensive side of the ball and Ronald Darby was one on the defensive side. Gibson continued to impress both for special teams and the offense. He showed how killer his speed really is. He had four kick returns for 121 yards and caught five passes for 90 yards and one touchdown. He’s had a strong camp and looks like a lock to make the roster. Although he’s not a player who’s spot is in jeopardy, Darby looked superb in his time on the field. Brady was testing Darby’s speed and ability and both times Darby was on his “A” game. Showing he’s ability should make the Eagles confident in his number one cornerback potential. When it’s all said and done, this is just the preseason, however, you still don’t want to go into the season with this kind of performance under your belt. Next week, there needs to be a better all around performance. Stop the penalties, bad blocking and lack of enthusiasm. The regular season is around the corner and it’s time to defend the crown. Although this game will have no effect on their regular season record, it’s time for the Eagles to wake up and get on the road to victory. Their next task will be the Cleveland Browns, let’s hope to see a better game out of them.   

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