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An Early Guess at all of the Division Winners by Daniel Farr

AFC East winner: New England Patriots The end is near for the Patriots and their illustrious reign. Signs of that were shown leading up to the Super Bowl with an article describing the tension lying inside of the organization. In the game itself, we saw Tom Brady fumble away his teams chances and head coach Bill Belichick beNCH their best defensive player, which resulted in a 41-33 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. The AFC East is the weakest division in football, Patriots win it due to coaching. AFC North winner: Pittsburgh Steelers Even with an aging roster full of divas, the Steelers will squeak past the Cleveland Browns and win their division once again. The Browns will finish second and have a legitimate shot at a wild card spot. Baltimore has a quarterback carousel taking place that will surely cause for a let down year. Cincinnati is becoming the laughing stock the NFL and a mediocre quarterback paired with a washout of a head coach, winning more than six games will be tough. AFC South winner: Indianapolis Colts After suffering for multiple years, the AFC South has become one of the best divisions in football. But, it’s been missing the division’s biggest star - Andrew Luck. It has been stated that Luck will play in the Colts first pre-season game on Aug. 9 banking that he returns to form the Colts should undeniably win this division, especially with an improved offensive line. Jacksonville, last year’s winner may take a step back. Teams that solely rely on defense do not last in today’s NFL and quarterback Blake Bortles hasn’t proved he can win games by himself and his offense yet. Tennessee doesn’t have a franchise quarterback. Marcus Mariota is a good player, but far from an elite quarterback. The Titans have talent, but lack leadership and quality coaching. Houston will finish second in this division, second year quarterback Dashuan Watson will be coming back from a knee injury and defenses have a year of tape on him, but the Texans make a wild card spot. AFC West winner: Kansas City Chiefs Head coach Andy Reid gets validated with his decision to make Pat Mahomes the guy. His teammates will rally behind his play; even with the mistakes. Los Angeles needs to hire a new medical staff and their owner should sell the team. Now going on six years of injuries happening much too frequently. Oakland doesn’t figure it out this year, but will stay in the hunt until the very end. Denver doesn’t have much quarterback wise or coaching wise, it’ll be a slightly better year than last season for them. NFC East winner: Philadelphia Eagles For the first time in 11 years this division will have a repeat winner. A Super Bowl hangover will not be a factor in Philadelphia, third year quarterback Carson Wentz is returning more motivated than ever. He saw his team win playoff games and the Super Bowl without him. He also is hearing the nonsense of whose team it is. Wentz rebounds from injury, claims MVP, and the Eagles go back to back. The New York Giants are the second best team in the division, but it remains to be seen if Eli Manning has anything left in the tank. Dallas has a very mediocre roster outside of a few players and even worse coaching. Washington is in the same boat. Mediocre coaching paired with a below average roster. NFC North winner: Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers is back and everyone is screwed. Rodgers will battle Wentz for MVP honors and the conference all season long. Detroit must be nervous after their new head coach gave up 41 points in the Super Bowl. Minnesota will finish second and win less games than last year. Chicago will improve behind Mitch Trubisky and will just fall short of a playoff berth. NFC South winner: New Orleans Sanits After finishing just short last year, the Saints continue to give Drew Brees help and watch the maturation of second and third year players. Carolina will be above .500 as will Atlanta, but Tampa Bay will win no more than eight games. This may be the closest division in football. NFC West winner: Seattle Seahawks Sometimes, less is more. With lots of egos gone and no expectations what so ever, Russell Wilson and Pete Carol shock the NFL.The Seahawks will resemble a team and look solely at Wilson as their leader and the possible MVP, which results in an impressive and surprising year. Los Angeles has load of talent, but they do not have a franchise quarterback. Jared Goff is very similar to Alex Smith, both are good but not special enough to lead a game winning drive in the playoffs. San Francisco improves and just misses out on the playoffs, they need more talent for their prized quarterback. Arizona will most likely be drafting number one next season.  

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