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Breakout Player Nominee: Eagles RB Corey Clement by Ryan Neal

Every year there’s one breakout candidate for every NFL team and although this player broke onto the scene last season, he’s set to take it over this season. Eagles running back Corey Clement had a very successful rookie campaign which saw him rush for 321 yards, catch a total of ten passes for 123 yards and have a combined six touchdowns. In the playoffs he had a combined 172 yards and a touchdown, including 100 receiving yards in the Super Bowl. He came up huge in the Super Bowl, setting up the “Philly Special” and scoring one of the games most important touchdowns. From being an undrafted free agent to one of the Eagles go to red-zone targets was a big accomplishment, but he’s not done yet. This season, Clement is going to take the league by storm. With a void left by LeGarrette Blount, Clement is only going to get more looks. Being a better pass catcher than other Eagles running back Jay Ajayi, Clement will get more looks, not to mention the Eagles are very high on him. When it comes to a better fit, the player is Clement. He can do it all, catch, run and block. However, his best trait is the power and determination he runs with. Clement fights for every inch and does not fall victim to the moment. Coaches like to go to the player they can trust and Clement is that and he knows he has to prove them right. In an article on NBCSports Clement spoke about how the Eagles gave faith in him saying, “Being with Duce (Staley) every day has really set it in my mind,” Clement said. “He believes in me and I’m not going to let him down. Everybody else in this organization has their trust and faith in me and I’ve got to show them why.” The biggest thing with Clement is that chip on his shoulders the he carries. He wasn’t drafted and he’s out to prove everyone wrong. He has the mindset that many unfortunately don’t have. Every day he’s out to prove at-least one person wrong and so far in his career he’s done that. Looking forward, the Eagles haven’t had a player of Clement’s ability in a while. He’s a big time player who makes the most of every run and reception. While most people might point to Ajayi being the Eagles long term answer at running back, the player who should be getting those praises is really Clement. Clement is in for a big year this year and if you don’t know the name yet, you soon will.  

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