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Carson Wentz is Going to Have a Comeback for the Ages by Ryan Neal

Even though Carson Wentz helped guide the Eagles to the playoffs, he was not on the field for the Super Bowl. This season, Wentz will make sure he fills that void when he solidifies himself as the best quarterback in the game. Before his injury, Wentz was the best player in the league. He had 3,296 yards, 33 touchdowns and only seven interceptions. His passer rating was one of the league’s best and in the red zone, Wentz was lethal, throwing 24 touchdowns and zero interceptions. Carrying that over to this season coming up, you can say the Eagles are better offensively than they were last season. They added a few weapons, including Dallas Goedert and Mike Wallace and they are getting Jason Peters back. Wentz is going to be stronger than he was before and with his new tools, he’s going to light the league on fire. Talking skill, Wentz has it all and is still getting better. What’s going to take him to the next level is his mindset. “Going forward, I guess being complacent wasn’t a big fear of ours, just knowing the guys we have in that locker room.” Wentz told John Clark of NBC Sports Philadelphia. “There’s a handful of us that didn’t get that chance, that we’ll make dang sure that complacency is not an issue.” Wentz is hungry and coming for his chance of Super Bowl glory. Trust me, Wentz is a good teammate and knows he’s a big part of the team’s success last season. However, there’s something deep down inside that’s there which is going to propel him to new heights. With that hunger, Wentz is going to continue to dominate the league. Last season he took a major stride towards super stardom and next season, that will be accomplished. When Wentz went down, the Eagles were the best team in the league and he was doing what ever he wanted on the field. He’s going to be able to get to that level and some. We’ve seen players rebound from this type of injury before and have success, but Wentz’s comeback season is about to be one for the ages. For now, Wentz is still ahead in his rehab and is looking on track for his week one goal. Up next for him and the Eagles is training camp. We are yet to know if he will participate fully, but we do know he is looking very good, if not better than before. His mechanics are looking good and he’s moving like he used to. Leave it to Carson Wentz to take a major knee injury and turn it into a positive.

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