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Sports Betting Changing the NFL

Another NFL season is almost here and with it comes the chance to make money using that high football IQ. Sports gambling is one of the few type of gambling that you can consistently win and come out ahead in, the reason being that you are versus other players and not versus “The House” (the house always wins.) This year could look a lot different though, as a Supreme Court ruling made in May could drastically alter the outlook of Sports Gambling forever.

On May 14 the Supreme Court decided 6-3 that each State should have the right to decide for itself whether it chooses to regulate Sports Gambling. Unless Congress decides to regulate sports gambling directly each state should be allowed to decide how it handles the issue for themselves. This is similar to how each state decides how it feels about the legality of marijuana or same sex marriages. This is a huge coup for States such as New Jersey who for years have tried to break Nevada’s monopoly on gambling and use it as a way to boost revenue.

It remains to be seen how many states will actively work to create an infrastructure that can handle the regulation of sports gambling but it seems New Jersey is ahead of the game. On June 14th New Jersey (who brought the issue before the Supreme Court initially and thus was already ready to begin statewide gambling) took its first bets as people (including Julius Erving) lined up to be a part of the historic day. Another state, Michigan, is trying to push through legislation so they can also be one of the first to take advantage of this potential new revenue stream.

We will have to see how this effects industry standards for online betting, such as Las Vegas based gambling titan Bovada, but we at Interstate of Green have been bringing you gambling tips and news since day one and with these changes happening so close to home we are excited to bring you any new developments, especially ones that can make you money. It’s very possible the increased competition will force online sports bookies to offer more attractive lines to bring in customers, and that means more money in our pockets. We will keep you updated as we learn more.

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