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Christopher Johnson paying fines for national anthem could make the Jets a hot spot in free agency b

Life as a New York Jets fan had its ups and downs throughout the teams existence, but recently it has been feeling more up. After Woody Johnson became the U.S ambassador for Donald Trump, he appointed his brother Chris as the new owner for the green and white. Immediately, you felt a difference between both owners as Jets fans seem to like the other Johnson more than old one and with the recent comments of him saying that he will pay the fines for any of his players who kneel during the national anthem after the NFL owners made the rule and you can start to sense that the players like him too. In fact, maybe there’s players around the NFL thinking that they may want to play for the gang green.

Players could consider the Jets more appealing in free agency now after Christopher Johnson broke off the ranks and sided with the players. Of course the economic package will always have the upper hand because at the end of the day players will try and get as much money as possible. The Jets are projected to have over 90 million in cap space in 2019 which is more than enough to have a selling point, but when you also add a “player friendly atmosphere” to the mix, it’s almost like a double bonus. Conor Orr from wrote an article about this topic, and here is what he had to say, “If two teams are close and the player sees the Jets as a more favorable environment, yes, it could have some effect”.

The players in general want to know that their voices are being heard throughout the world and they want to be in a place where, they are free to speak their minds. The Jets could be that place for players to do that, and they also have 90 million next year to spend as well. That creates one big selling point for the GM to persuade players to come here. But give a lot of credit to Christopher Johnson, he listened to his players and sided with them, that's what these players want, for their voices to be heard and the CEO heard them loud and clear.  

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