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Jets get their possible franchise quarterback in Sam Darnold by Kevin Lidlow

Throughout the time that Maccagnan has been the GM for the New York Jets, he built a reputation of taking the best player available whenever the Jets picked in the draft. Luckily for us this year’s best player just happened to be a quarterback and that guy was….. Sam Darnold QB USC. After the Browns shocked everyone and taking Baker Mayfield with the number 1 pick, the Jets were now in a position to take either Allen, Rosen, or Darnold. The Giants end up taking Barkley as we all knew, and the Jets take arguably the best player in this draft that was available. Not only that, but it is also the first offensive player drafted by the Jets in the first round since 2009 when they drafted Mark Sanchez. So what is next for the Jets? The Jets currently have 5 quarterbacks on this roster (Hackenberg, Petty, Bridgewater, McCown, and Darnold), and we know that Darnold is going to be the guy so they are going to have to let some of these guys go. The most likely guys out are Hackenberg and Petty, they have failed to develop as the guy for this team so it’s time to cut ties with them. I can probably see them being let go during training camp only because we don’t know if Bridgewater is healthy enough to play and the Jets need a backup. In order for Darnold to get the proper development, he has to have the appropriate amount of reps and having four other guys on the roster isn’t going to cut it. My prediction for who should be the quarterbacks on this team should be in this order, McCown, Bridgewater( if healthy), and Darnold. The Jets should try and see what they can get for Petty, even though it is a late round pick but he is the only one who has any game tape. I’m not sure what they will do with Hackenberg but it will look like he may be released because he has no value. They could cut Bridgewater because it won’t make sense to have two guys under a one year contract and Maccagnan said that he isn’t a guarantee to be on the roster if he isn’t healthy. Overall, I do believe that the Jets are in a better position now than if they would have Kirk Cousins on the team, because they would’ve given him $90 million a year for 3 years and they wouldn’t be able to pick up any more guys in free agency. I would rather have a young guy to develop than a 30 year old quarterback who is overrated to say the least.

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