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  • Craig Gorbunoff

Initial Thoughts: New Face Leading the Jets

If you are a listener of Code Green on SB Nation Radio, then you know that I was a big fan of both Baker Mayfield and Josh Rosen. In my humble opinion, these two quarterbacks had the skill set and swagger that I feel are necessary to be a successful quarterback in New York. Despite being touted as the best Quarterback in this years stacked draft class, I couldn't help but feel disappointed and concerned about whether we got the right guy. After spending a night of considering, pondering and researching, here is what I think of the man being given the keys to the franchise of the New York Jets.

For starters I love his size, speed, athleticism and arm strength. He has a very high football IQ, and appears to mean business. I think his demeanor should be able to handle the New York media because to me he doesn't come across as someone who gets flustered easily. He has shown clutch performances in college, and really just wants to win games. He has been described as a leader, and someone players respect. Calm, cool, collected, big arm and best footwork out of this years draft class... what didn't I like about him again?

That's right, he's a USC quarterback. Now I don't think you can let things like this impact your opinions too much, however isn't it odd that a university such as USC who has been a top college Football team for decades has really only had one successful quarterback at the pro level? And Carson Palmer has never been the top QB in the league, granted injuries had something to do with that. Also, I don't love his choir boy persona. I think at one point in the NFL you needed someone like that as your quarterback. But the way the media is today, having a bit of a jerk as your leader seems to be the best way to go. Look at guys like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, incredible football players, don't get into trouble, but they're not the nicest guys in the world. Too me Darnold comes across as a little bit too much of a people pleaser.

But at the end of the day, I'm feeling good about Darnold. I like the situation he is in the most. There is no pressure for him to start this year right away, the Jets have veterans at QB who can help mold Darnold. They have good running backs and I believe they will add to that group in this years draft as well. This is a young developing team and I hope that in another few seasons we are talking about the very successful 2018 draft of the New York Jets.

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