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Eagles RB Corey Clement: Unsung, Underdog Hero by Ryan Neal

On the biggest stage in football, oftentimes, unsung heroes emerge. For the Philadelphia Eagles, one player, in particular, stepped up and made the big plays when necessary and that player was running back Corey Clement. Coming from Wisconsin University, Clement went undrafted, which ultimately led him to the Eagles. Coming into the league with a big chip on his shoulder, Clement was out to prove himself to the league and the Eagles. All season, Clement made the most of his opportunities. He thrived on special teams and made the most of his reps at running back. On the season he had 321 rushing yards and four rushing touchdowns, as well as 129 receiving yards and two touchdowns. He was one of the most efficient running backs in the red zone and most notable scored three touchdowns in the Eagles 51-23 route over the Denver Broncos. He was not used a lot but made the most of every opportunity he had. Now, fast forward to the Super Bowl, Clement made numerous key plays for the Eagles, including one of the games’ best touchdowns as well as having a key role in the “Philly Special,” the Eagles trick play on fourth down. Clement caught four passes for 100 yards and one touchdown. He almost had more yards in the Super Bowl than he did all season. Clement converted two third-down attempts for the Eagles and his touchdown reception was phenomenal. In these big games, players’ always step up and perform. For the Eagles, the running back who has been clutch and opportunistic all season stepped up for them when the plays needed to be made. No other running back on the roster would have made the plays Clement did. He plays with this aggression and chip that no other player on the team has and plays with. He runs and plays every play like it could be his last and that is why he is so successful. For a player who grew up in Glassboro, New Jersey, Clement was an Eagles fan. He knows what it takes to be a successful player in this city and he took the first steps to becoming one this season and especially in the Super Bowl. All postseason, the Eagles used the analogy of the underdog, and that motivated them to play harder and prove the world wrong. However, Eagles running back Clement was living that idea all season long. Much like the Eagles, Clement was out on a mission to prove himself to the NFL and with that performance in the Super Bowl, Clement did just that. Clement’s contributions to the Eagles Super Bowl win will go down in history for the rest of eternity. The underdog from Glassboro has cemented his legacy in Philadelphia Eagles history forever. Sometimes it is not the big names who make the big plays, it is the guys who know what it takes to get it done. All year, Clement has worked harder than anyone else to get to this point and that is why he thrived in the biggest game. There are a lot of players and plays that will go down in history, but do not forget Clement, he was a key member of the Eagles Super Bowl win.

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